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I have waaaay too much stuff in my inventory so I am getting rid of a lot of it. Today stuff is mostly critters and creepies.

Reasonable offers may be accepted, at my discretion, but only in exchange for gaia gold or items off my wishlist. If you are thinking of offering other items, you might as well sell them so you can offer me pure.

Thanks and have a great day!


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Sandy Shores Report | 11/30/2015 10:32 pm
Sandy Shores
A new job ? biggrin
Grim Reaper of Neverland Report | 11/22/2015 2:28 am
Grim Reaper of Neverland
Hello Some,

Hope you are well as me.
A Job in a library? wow, sounds great, you are the first to know whatever brilliant literature comes in. (I am meanwhile reading "Do whatever the ******** you want" by Tommy Jaud. It is not to take serious, just some light lecture for the cold dark evenings here, and to overthink life)
Things changed a lot here. I have a full time Job now, and a boyfriend. Could you imagine this? Everything since that changed a lot. And now Christmas arrives with fast steps.

Um... what is DFC? I am happy that you seem to be happy heart and btw. your new look is awesome eek
Bonzly Report | 11/15/2015 3:34 pm
I'm all right. I worked today, and I just got home. I plan on walking earlier tonight so that I don't have to wait until the last minute, and next thing you know it's nearly midnight. ><
How are you?
Bonzly Report | 11/12/2015 6:01 am
Yes, please. c:
Bonzly Report | 11/12/2015 5:52 am
That's peculiar o:
How are you today?
Bonzly Report | 11/12/2015 5:48 am
Oooh, which item?
Bonzly Report | 11/08/2015 6:20 pm
Youtube links are fine. I'm not the most tech savvy person in the world. ><
Bonzly Report | 11/08/2015 5:29 pm
A bit of both. I met with a writer on how to get my foot in the door.
I also saw a couple movies with my cousin.
What part did you audition for?

Also, may I see a snippet of one of the plays you did?
Bonzly Report | 11/08/2015 2:55 pm
Just got back from out of town. sup?
takemetotheotherside Report | 11/07/2015 4:13 pm
thank you so much for buying from my shop