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My Results are:
INFJ - The "Confidant"
Introverted - Introversion is a preference to focus on the world inside the self. Introverts tend to be quiet, peaceful and deliberate and are not attracted to social interactions. They prefer activities they can do alone or with one other close friend, activities such as reading, writing, thinking, and inventing. Introverts find social gatherings draining.
INtuition - Intuition refers to how people process data. Intuitive people focus on the future and the possibilities. They process information through patterns and impressions. They read between the lines, they are abstract thinkers.
Feeling - Feeling refers to how people make decisions. Feeling people are subjective and make decisions based on principles and values. They are ruled by their heart instead of their head. Feeling people judge situations and others based on feelings and extenuating circumstances.
Judging - Judging is the preference outwardly displayed. Judging does not mean "judgmental". Judging people like order, organization and think sequentially. They like to have things planned and settled. Judging people seek closure.

INFJs, making up an estimated 1% of all people, are the most rare type (males even more so). They are introspective, caring, sensitive, gentle and complex people that strive for peace and derive satisfaction from helping others. INFJs are highly intuitive, empathetic and dedicated listeners. These traits tend to act as a "tell me what's wrong" sign on their forehead, hence the nicknames Confidant, Counselor or Empath. INFJs are intensely private and deeply committed to their beliefs.

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence
People with Logical intelligence are abstract thinkers and are attracted to logic and reasoning. They are good at investigation and scientific processes. They learn best by logic.

Common Characteristics
Can easily do math in their head
Good at strategy games
Have a mind "like a computer"
Really like math
Enjoy science experiments
Organize things by category
Abstract thinker
Look for a rational explanations
Wonder how things work

Intrapersonal Intelligence
People with intrapersonal intelligence are adept at looking inward and figuring out their own feelings, motivations and goals. They are introspective and seek understanding. They are intuitive and typically introverted. They learn best independently.

Common Characteristics
Prefers working alone
Often thinks of self-employment
Enjoys journaling
Spends time thinking and reflecting
Likes learning about self

ΩVerbal/Linguistic IntelligenceΩ
People with Linguistic intelligence love and are talented with words. They enjoy reading, writing and learning languages. They have an ability to teach and explain things to others. They learn best by reading, taking notes and going to lectures.

Common Characteristics
Notices grammatical mistakes
Often speaks of what they have read
Likes to use "fancy" words
Loves word games
Cherishes their book collection
Easily remembers quotes and famous sayings
Likes puns and rhymes
Enjoys writing
Enjoys foreign language
Always enjoyed English class

I like to RP so check me out here:Click Me!

Finally to the good stuff, about me. Well... If you really want to know about my personality, the few things above describe it to a tee...

But my personality as a whole has changed and evolved so much over the course of the five years I have been on Gaia. I love this game to death and I try to get online everyday. I love talking to people, so shoot me a PM or leave me a comment so we can chat. As posted above, I do enjoy RPing, so check me out!~
A little about me huh... Well... My favorite colors are blue and hot pink, and one of my favorite animes is Hetalia. I am in the AP/Honors program at my school, and I always strive to help out classmates in need. I have always been a fast learner, and I actually enjoy studying.
I'm not sure what else to put, but I know I will add more as time goes by.


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Kawaii Suke Report | 05/09/2017 4:50 pm
Kawaii Suke
Mother Birthday Report | 04/03/2017 9:05 pm
Mother Birthday
User Image04-01-17

lol hipsturd Report | 03/07/2017 5:22 pm
lol hipsturd
like its uncanny
u look like one of my ex gfs on here from yrs ago but adult lol
anyway how are u
lol hipsturd Report | 03/07/2017 5:20 pm
lol hipsturd
why do u look so familiar question
Spiky Floof Report | 04/02/2016 1:46 pm
Spiky Floof
Happy (belated) birthday! Thanks for being one of my first friends on this site cat_biggrin emotion_hug
Mother Birthday Report | 04/01/2016 12:55 am
Mother Birthday
User Image04-01-16
poezja Report | 12/06/2015 12:23 pm
i think your bangs are super cute~
Bunthulhu Report | 12/03/2015 4:16 pm

whee heart

^( ;,,,,; )^
Bunthulhu Report | 12/03/2015 3:02 pm

Well I don't mean to ruin that feeling for you,
but it is just a mirror, you know?
Usually people seem flattered and confused. xd

^( ;,,,,; )^
TheManx Report | 11/24/2015 7:20 pm
I like seeing your posts redface


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