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I'm in my 20's, in a long term relationship, I usually let my g/f do my dailies on Gaia 'cause I'm usually playing FF XIV


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KitKatRawrFace Report | 04/20/2014 8:07 pm
You're Welcome! cool
VAK-Shadow Report | 04/19/2014 8:12 pm
cool avi
LiarsandShame Report | 04/18/2014 6:58 pm
You're welcome!
I'm glad I could help!


Ps- Me Wub Yew Report | 04/06/2014 7:01 pm
Ps- Me Wub Yew
Thanks for selling!
Uccello di Vittoria Report | 03/30/2014 10:45 pm
Uccello di Vittoria
np ~ <3
K-poplover44 Report | 03/30/2014 5:59 pm
ur welcome heart
Rubai Sora Report | 03/29/2014 9:33 pm
Rubai Sora
Lately it's been various Vocaloid cosplays, either based off songs or just the character designs. It's basically what I'm in the mood for. Or if I'm cosplaying in real life. Like the first weekend of June, I'll have a Shizuo derivative avi since I'll be going as Tsukishima at a convention.
Rubai Sora Report | 03/29/2014 8:43 pm
Rubai Sora
*laughs* I was feeling nostalgic and decided to equip my old school avi. I normally have some sort of cosplay avi.
Rubai Sora Report | 03/29/2014 8:23 pm
Rubai Sora
Thanks for selling~ Nice cosplay by the way~
Random Nice Guy Report | 02/20/2014 7:07 pm
Random Nice Guy
Thanks so much for the goggles advice!
I just bought a pair. Love em!



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