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Solinen Eifas Arthias Kattis Leissac

Basic Information

Preferred Name: Sol Arthias, The Sol
Age: 33
Date of Birth: May 23rd
Race: Erturian (Royal Branch)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Titles: Captain, King
Affiliations: Erturian Royal Family, White Fang Alumni, Stormcloud Alumni
Prior Affiliations: White Fang, Stormcloud, Cassiel Foundation
Occupation: King of Erturia

Appearance (Altered Human Form)

Appeared Age: 24
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 292 lb.
Build: Extraordinarily muscular, healthy build
Skin Color: Tan with white undertone
Eye Color: Fresh blue
Hair: Long and shaggy
Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
Fashion: Prefers white and blue, primarily wears a blue silken coat with a polo, jeans, and dress shoes.
Abnormalities: None of note
Tattoos: Arranged tribal tattoos with transmutation circles hidden throughout, on his arms and legs.

Appearance (Erturian Form)

Sol’s Erturian form is a humanoid mass of pure and true chaos energy, with glowing violet eyes and silver hair-like energy around the head area.


Base Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality Description: Sol is a generally cheerful and humorous man, with a soft spot for close friends, family, and children. When stressed, his eyes show his more serious nature, always wary of danger and careful not to arouse major threats. He can’t oft resist boasting about his physique, ability, and accomplishments, a personality trait that gets him in trouble with other prideful warriors. He dislikes his political responsibilities and social obligations as King of Erturia, preferring to be direct and casual with his speech. All in all, Sol is a likeable man with a warm heart and an intimidating lust for combat, preferring action to words.

Abilities and Powers

Chaos Manipulation: Usable only in his pure Erturian state, Sol can manipulate both his own matter and pure Chaos around him to perform several devastating assault attacks, such as molding the Chaos into a sphere and firing the destructive energy or creating many terrifying needles from it, raining them down on foes. In Erturia, where the air is rich with pure Chaos, Sol can heal himself and use the Chaos to fight on a higher level than on Earth. The Chaos also has an extremely volatile reaction with pure Order energy, turning them both into a corruption-causing entity called Madness.

Storm Manipulation: Sol, having attained the Electricity power from the Cassiel Foundation long ago, has mastered the control of lightning and electricity, and even using his powers to convert chemical energy from batteries into full-fledged lightning. A current runs through Sol at all times to protect him from electric energies and to sense the presence and pulse rates of his close friends. This current can also be converted into raw Chaos through Sol’s Creation power, allowing him to replenish his own vitality by draining electricity from an outside source. With Regulus at his side, Sol is able to truly manifest his lightning in the form of controlling all aspects of heavy storms. When Regulus’ power stands with Sol, lightning wraps around him in a humanoid pattern, with the lightning around the head shaped like a lion’s head and mane. Sol’s eyes also change into lion-like eyes with the same color Sol normally possesses, and Regulus takes either partial or complete control of Sol’s body.

Creation: Sol, having attained the Creation power from becoming a Patriarch in the Cassiel Foundation, has been granted the power to convert any energy he wishes into another form of energy. Passing the energy through his body to achieve this process, however, is incredibly stressful to Sol, thus he only uses it for either novel purposes or if he’s incredibly desperate. Creation is the power Sol uses to replenish his strength with outside sources of electricity. Using Creation with his Alchemy also makes it much less stressful on Sol’s body, although it still drains him fairly quickly.

Viraghi Magic: Sol, with the Viraghi magic arts passed down from his mother, has four special magical manipulation tactics unique to him.
The art of Necromancy, which allows him to channel his own life force into the unliving and force them to fight for him, is his least used and most despised.
The Energy Burst power drains his stamina more quickly, but allows him to fight and move at up to six times his normal limit.
His Chameleon spell is his newest, and it allows him to manipulate the flow of light around him to become borderline invisible to the naked eye.
His most favored form of Viraghi magic is his Alchemy, an art that allows him to transmute one group of ingredients to another at a far slower rate of exhaustion than his Creation; However, it’s a slower process, and only usable with the right reagents at hand.

Physical Prowess: Sol, in human form, is widely considered to be one of the most powerful “human” beings on the face of the Earth. Although he isn’t necessarily a human, he usually wears a heavily altered human-like body with just some internal organs, and has few human limitations. Not only is Sol powerful and agile, he also has training in several forms of martial arts, including hand-to-hand combat styles, swordsmanship, and marksmanship. He can dish out blows of about 500,000 pounds per square inch of force, lift up to around 455,000 pounds, run at over 2500 miles per hour, and leap a mile into the air with a single bound. These traits stem from his artificial body’s limits being far higher than a normal human, which is partially due to the fact that the body’s muscular tissue and bone structure contains erturium.

Signature Sword: Sol carries with him an enormous sword forged mainly of erturium, a powerful metal element that can carve through every substance native to Earth like a hot knife through butter. It extends to 140 inches in length, weighs 5,000 pounds, and wielded with Sol’s skill in swordsmanship, it can destroy almost any target in seconds. The blade’s main composite element, erturium, also destabilizes magical energies due to the fact that it’s soaked in chaos, allowing him to cut through magical barriers or defend himself from oncoming barrages of arcane might with little trouble.

Gifts of the King: Sol possesses three pendants, from a set of five that were formed by the merging of the Royal Blades and Sacred Weapons. The pendants are called the Gift of the Father, the Gift of the Mother, and the Gift of the Lastborn. The Gifts possess the inherent ability to create weapons from the user’s own mind. The only limitations are the weapons that forged the gifts themselves. Ahlspiess, Pyrehein, Urahanz, Kiltharatz, Yol, Sen, Malacite, Sunbrandt, Starbrandt, Moonbrand, or Gaiabrandt were used to create these pendants, and their powers are fully available.
Quick Note: Ahlspiess: Sword of Lightning, Pyrehein: Lance of Flame, Urahanz: Hammer of Earth, Kiltharatz: Bow of Ice, Yol and Sen: Axes of Wind and Water, Malacite: Pendant of Light, The broadswords Sunbrandt: Generates waves of flame- and Starbrandt: Generates waves of blinding light, Moonbrandt: Swallow that can be remotely controlled, Gaiabrandt: Claymore that can create earthquakes by emitting intense vibrations into the ground.

Ragnarok: Far and away the most powerful weapon Sol possesses is the legendary blade wielded by his father, Kurthega Forte Kattis. Ragnarok is an immensely powerful blade, possessing the power to create pure Chaos energy from nothing, solidify the particles into dense crystals, enhance the flow of Chaos of those that wield it, and even become a destructive dragon made entirely of erturium. The only way to draw Ragnarok is to pull it from the very soul of the royal that uses it, as the soul of Ragnarok and the royal become intertwined at coronation.

Ornamental Dagger-Sol obtained a special ornamental dagger from his nephew, Rue Kame, on his 30th birthday. The dagger is crafted in reinforced ivory, and the bindings are special leather, with silver tassels wrapped around the base of the handle. The dagger isn’t especially useful, but Sol keeps it as a sign of his love and admiration for his nephew.

Belzelsius: An ivory-and-gold colored polearm with a blue crystal in the spearhead. Regulus summons Belzelsius from the clouds, and uses it primarily to enhance his lightning and fight at close quarters. The gem in the spearhead is able to create and conduct electricity, whereas the lightning-rod properties of the weapon allow it to drain lightning-based enemies of their power. Belzelsius can also be used to create a more concentrated stream of wind by spinning it rapidly, then stopping the spear towards a target. The force of the stream would be able to shatter a human's entire skeleton without trouble.

Suncloak-The Suncloak is a bright silver cloak with a brooch in the shape of the sun. The Suncloak has special properties, allowing Sol to defend better against magical energies, and grants its user warmth when worn. The brooch is the actual source of this power, having absorbed power from the sun itself and enchanted by a wizard Sol saved. When detached, the brooch can create its own barrier with the same effects the cloak normally has.

Brief Biography

Sol has had a storied and strange life, even for an Erturian royal. Born on Earth, he was raised by his mother to believe he was human. When she disappeared, he was saved from armed robbers in a grocer by several mercenaries, after which he followed them and joined their ranks, becoming immersed in the art of war. He then traveled with the skills he had obtained, and lived off the coin from various jobs.

In his twenties, he adopted a younger sister and later met Kei Kame Draken, who remains his best friend to this day. During his travels with Kei, he discovered his origins as an Erturian, and met his father. Adjusting to his heritage, he encountered a pair called Haseo and Vani, and trained with them for several weeks.

Following their lead, he later joined the Cassiel Foundation, a family of superhumans led by Atticus and Lucificus. Atticus became a father figure, and Sol married Vani, just as his nephew Rue began to grow. Sol and Vani later had a dispute that led to Sol’s death, and he spent 6 long years in the Underworld fighting against Death. He emerged with the help and companionship of Regulus, self-proclaimed God of Black Skies.

Upon his revival, he discovered that his father had been killed by one of the Seven Sorrows, and was forced to take over the throne. Later, as Vani disappeared, he was also given custody of his son, whom he brought to Erturia to live in the palace. He again spend several years raising Keiram, his son, and Rue, along with the help of Kei. Now that Keiram is dead, Sol has reevaluated his life and dedicated himself as a protector of both Earth and Erturia, and the life that inhabits both worlds.


Friends: Kei Kame Draken, Regulus, Haseo Tanaka, Vani (Ex-wife, missing), Fenir Tenshuro
Family: Keiram Bregas Arthias Kattis (Son, deceased), Kurthega Forte Kattis (Father, deceased), Shado Sakura (Mother, missing), Blue Samphiis Kattis (Brother), Fate Alaina (Adopted Sister), Kei Kame Draken (Brother-in-law), Rue Kame (Nephew)
Enemies: Syn (deceased), Seven Sorrows (incarnations have ceased to exist), Skarr Nailliv, Ceric Leox

Theme Songs

Just Close Your Eyes-Bedlam’s Gate (Human Sol’s Theme)
Just Close Your Eyes-Waterproof Blonde (Erturian Sol’s Theme)
When Two Are One-Atreyu (Theme of Sol & Vani)
Storm to Pass-Atreyu (Regulus’ Theme)


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