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^ Join now! ^

My Best Gaian Fwendies= Augi, Pac, Lena, Ubbie, Sammy, and Milda-chan(aka Milky) And you know who you are!

Most important thing you need to know about me! = I LOVE ROGER FEDERER....Oh and tennis as a whole...but mainly Roger Federer!

Yes, I can type?! Anywho you all probaly know me as Soko if anything, so call me that or you'll feel my wrath (my poking finger of doom and pouty face of death.). However, my real name is Sarah.

I would not mind being a writer or an editor, I can and will be able to do that. However, I would really like to be a Pastor. Yes, in my religion (Lutheran) girls can be Pastors.(We all know I'm going to be an English teacher.) If you need any help with a prose or a poem I'll be there with my magic pen and quick eraser. >> I myself should probably get back to writing.

- I should probably mention since I originally wrote most of this I have come to want to be a ESL teacher. I'd also like to being doing this job in Spain. Solamente hablo un poco espanol en este momento pero estoy aprenindo....aprenedo...aprenendo....SOMETHING LIKE THAT. D:

Oh and my favorite color is green.

P.S. @.@ I rambled.

Informative or not you tell me?

This is my current dream avvie...I will never get. >>;
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and an avvie I will have sooner then the other one. XD

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Total Value: 444,710 Gold, 19,000 Tickets
[Item Information]

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Total Value: 65,855 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Apple Butterfly Terrycloth Tube-Top
Thick Green Winter Socks
Ballet Toe Shoes
Icy Snug Lacy Leggings
Egyptian Rose Linen Wrap
Pop Top Class Coat
White Wool Top
Baby Chicky
Dead Sexy Rose Skull Pin
Egyptian Gold Anklet (left)
SuperStar Red Tint Shades
Ballerinas Circlet
Jenny's Youthful Clamshell Purse
Gift of the Goddess
Decorative Daisy
Buck Teeth
Demonic Anklets
Black Gloves
Gold Promise Ring
Gold Hoop Earrings

Donations for my kiki quest here.
-[Lena E.] -My one and only twin...I think she gave 5*230
-Tomo-kun- Uhm...ya him. >>; Thanks ya creepy goof. 1*230
-Blue Vampire -A worthy ATer with great hair. Thanks! 1*230


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Read it, come on I know you don't want to....

This is my world and you may enter if you dare. I am not the one who has to care after you click.


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Suites Birthday Fairy

Report | 05/24/2010 1:36 pm

Suites Birthday Fairy

Happy Belated Birthday

From the Suites Birthday Fairy
Suites Birthday Fairy

Report | 05/23/2009 5:52 am

Suites Birthday Fairy

Happy Birthday

From the Suites Birthday Fairy
Tamaki The Host King

Report | 08/02/2008 2:49 pm

Tamaki The Host King

Finally, someone has a class with me! ^_^
Soko The Sock Puppet

Report | 08/02/2008 1:53 pm

Soko The Sock Puppet

Yay! One person I have a class with.
Tamaki The Host King

Report | 08/01/2008 8:28 pm

Tamaki The Host King

^_^ What's your schedule? Mine is:


2-Math B 2/3-Sigman

3-Span 3 YR-Gutierrez


5-US Hist-Fleming


7-Martial Arts-Dortch

8-English 3 YR-Berg

Report | 07/18/2008 6:14 pm



So what's up?


Report | 07/18/2008 6:08 pm


Holy s**t!

Soko's on!

Suites Birthday Fairy

Report | 05/24/2008 3:50 pm

Suites Birthday Fairy

Happy Belated Birthday

From the Suites Birthday Fairy

Report | 02/12/2008 5:11 pm


Holy crap...

Why did it post 3 times?

Report | 02/12/2008 5:06 pm



Soko-chan was on for the first time in a week!


I gotta find something to put here. I know...I'll link to Steph
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