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Tess Verres CR-729 Report | 09/29/2011 9:37 pm
Tess Verres CR-729
first thing's first.. If you by chance happen to read this before the PM I sent you, then be ready for a wall of text. Like this s**t will pop out and stab your eyes out man. I hope that you're man enough to fight the text, overcome it, and reply with a coherent (or at least readable) reply relative to said topics in there. Lmao.

Anyway.. Yeah, it looks like I have a lot of gaming I have to do with you. But since I'm good to go with my work schedule, I finally have time for other s**t. Such as friends and games. Only thing is though, I applied at Gamestop and just had my interview today. I'm not sure how it'll go, but if I get the job, chances are that I might not have as much time, though I'm not going to be as swamped. One can pray though.

If I get that job at Gamestop, you can expect a copy of Borderlands, for free. I'd get a discount, plus you live in NY, so there's no real issue with shipping. That, and I really do gotta game with you. That thing that brought us together needs to come first. However, I'd bet my entire set of possessions and my SOUL that my accounts don't work anymore. I know I've been on at some point, but I can't remember when it last was. I'm hoping it's past 3 months, for my stuff's sake and my soul. >.<

One thing you gotta do when you get your brand new cellular phone, you gotta let me know what kind of plan you're doing and with who. I use Sprint, so maybe that may influence you in your phone selection. Lol. If you're on minutes, or if you're unlimited texting/data/etc, that won't matter. However, if you're with a different carrier, let me know. I don't wanna destroy your minutes or have you pay extra just for texting to someone else. And don't get a ******** Trackfone. That s**t is worthless when it comes to minutes. You'd be better off calling someone instead. Trust me.

Lastly, I'd like to make a suggestion: I would love to go visit you sometime. Or vise-versa. I know you live somewhere in the southern part of NY, but I can't remember where. I'd look it up in our conversations, but it appears that those have been wiped somehow. I don't know how, but it pisses me off. I use it for referencing things and for other information if I need proof for anything.

I'm gonna stop it there, I don't need a new challenger taking a shot at your eyes any more than my PM is. Or did. Whichever applies. You got my number, you got my yahoo. Oh, and one more thing! Apparently you can message someone from yahoo to a phone.. If you ever get on yahoo but don't have your phone yet, use my cell phone number and I'll talk to you that way. I'd more likely be able to reply to you that way.

It's been good. I hope to bring back the good old days once again.
I Yume I Report | 09/27/2011 10:57 am
I Yume I
Lol. Oh, your bromance? I jokingly said something about it to him, I guess he said something back to you about it. And I never said he was cheating on me! /whaps him

It's not a problem. I'm glad I could help. Yeah, I really am lucky to have him, and I say that to a lot of people. But you'd have to ask him regarding the reverse of that, since I can't quite say he's lucky to have me without sounding vain. Lol. He is a charmer isn't he?

You too. 3nodding
Tess Verres CR-729 Report | 09/24/2011 11:19 pm
Tess Verres CR-729
Sorry, I wasn't. My gf told me the gist of what you had sent me, and forgot about to include that or didn't know the significance. Either way, I'm glad to hear from you my friend. It has been way too long since we have talked, let alone play some MPB. One day, you'll get that satellite out of your a** and get some good internet. Then maybe we can make MPB popular again. I dunno.

You can text me using Yahoo. My gf taught me but I don't know if I'll be able to respond because signal tends to drop out in places at the school. I also have a Yahoo app I can use if I can get wifi set up at school. The only issue is my battery life. I'll figure something out.

Anyway, I'd love to game with you even if it's not SC. Borderlands is very fun, It's like D2 and Fallout 3's drugged up baby. If you don't have it then I'll gift it to you someday.

I'd love to finish, but my gf is bitching at me and accusing me of cheating on her with you as my boyfriend and wants me to get the ******** off her laptop. Lmao. Talk to you soon bro.
I Yume I Report | 09/22/2011 10:21 am
I Yume I
No problem, I'll have to kick him to get on there more now, since he hasn't really been on there either. (He's been busy with work and college.) He's supposed to be changing his work hours so he can just come home after school and do homework then kick back and relax, rather than coming home from school only to go to work soon after.. Sounds like the same for you though?

Yes I am very social, at least online. He says differently for real life though. xD

And not a problem, hopefully you guys can keep in touch now. We were sleeping at the time you sent this so I suppose indirectly I was taking good care of him? Lol.
Tess Verres CR-729 Report | 09/19/2011 9:07 am
Tess Verres CR-729
Deckard Cain

Hello! Stay a while and listen! And you just read that in Cain's voice.

Anyway, I'm starting to get back onto Gaia now that I have time again. I'm at school usually from 10-3 everyday, but Tuesdays and Thursdays I pretty much have unlimited access. Seeing as you haven't been on in like 3 months, I assume that you're dead. Meh. The same could be said for me on Yahoo though. I'm never on.

Anyhoozit, I'm gonna cut it short there for today, because I have homework that needs to be done so I can't goof around too much. Leave me a message on here sometime and we'll get in touch again.
I Yume I Report | 07/05/2011 8:52 pm
I Yume I
Hey there, I'm Sonny's girlfriend. Lol.
He says "You need to get on yahoo more often. /troll"

I'll give you his steam account incase you have one so you can add him and talk to him there since he's never on his gaia anymore. click
DistantOne Report | 04/30/2011 12:40 am
Apple Swirls Report | 11/17/2010 5:42 pm
Apple Swirls
<3<3<3 heart Love you .
ms_Punkette Report | 08/06/2009 5:31 pm
Hey! Whats up? Just going around commenting on're profile totally rocks.
Tess Verres CR-729 Report | 12/22/2008 12:23 pm
Tess Verres CR-729
You jerk! You haven't been on Yahoo in forever! Stop being a lazy pansy and get on SC before I whoop you a good one. I WILL have my parents drive me down there and I WILL end you. xD

Anywho, Have a Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Happy New Years/whatever and stuff. I'll check back on here in a few days or so.


"Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once." - William Shakespeare


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