me and bae:


hailey. 21. az. taken.
'cusp of prophecy' if you believe in that sort of thing.

➡licensed sales agent for a big insurance company.
➡part time student majoring in accounting.
➡the dashing blue-eyed blonde to the left of this blurb is my man, so not interested in anything but friendships here on Gaia.

➡gaian since 06.
➡you can find me rolling around cb and towns.

➡personality wise, i'm ambitious, bubbly, dorky, and quirky with a serious side when needed.
➡i'm a social butterfly! you can always find me in a group of people mingling.
➡i'm an optimistic realist.
➡i love learning.
teach me something! smilies/icon_wink.gif
➡i have no filters. i say what's on my mind.

always up for making new friends so don't be shy!

i like:

♥makeup(lipstick especially)♥fashion♥animals♥
♥food♥traveling♥money(making it lol)♥videogames♥cooking♥
♥working out♥caffeine♥cottoncandy♥


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Arethi Report | 03/03/2015 10:07 am
the good friends, well, i beleive they dont need "effort" so much as they are simply waiting for u to feel good and to play with them, , to spend time with them n_n i wouldnt worry about taking some time out. when i look at the other parts of astrology, such as the moon sign, venus sign, and other aprts of the chart, it really makes my sun sign - the sag part - make a LOT more sense. XD if you want to you can go to astrotheme's website (it's my fave one) and enter ur bday, and kinda guess ur birth time, it can pinpoint more about what the sky looked like when u were born =3 well, in any case, as long as what u are learning about yourself is helping you get to know who you are, i think u are doin it right!

of course, some days, i like to throw out the idea of astrology all together. XD
i wish i knew some more Caps irl to compare to. i DO know that as teens they can really have a goth phase. . . lol !
Arethi Report | 03/03/2015 9:53 am
HMMMM well cap is kinda chillier on the outside, and the sag looks lie the SUN, but inside, they can be chilly too. if you know ur approx time of birth u can use a natal chart to find out where precisely. . you lie o.o
as a bunny, i do not have a real astro sign. XD but as a person, i am
the archer! blaugh
i <3 astrology so i like to pipoint the "cusp" ppl . . i do not wholly believe in the cusp, i believe one true constellation was there as ur sign, when u entered the world ninja
Arethi Report | 03/03/2015 9:48 am
ok but the real question is are u more sag . .. or are u MORE cap? o.O
Oh Devotion Report | 03/01/2015 11:57 pm
Not terrible, just stupidly busy between work and grad school
Trying to stay sane.
How about you?
Oh Devotion Report | 03/01/2015 11:33 pm
Hey there, it's been a while
Th0tday Report | 02/28/2015 7:33 pm
You could always put gold onto a mule specifically for art 3nodding that way it isn't constantly just staring at you... waiting to be spent lol
Freebie threads are fun, but you're probably more likely to get more avatar art in the Freebie Art section of the mini shops forums, along with it being better quality generally. You can either make a thread or post in other people's threads. 3nodding

I've lost a lot of friends too, and am also terrible about replying. I have straight up forgotten to reply more times than I can count lol I've also been here since '06 and can't seem to find my way out sad

I think that they would, it's really cute and kind of funny. I think it'd make for very animated art 3nodding
I wish you the best of luck with selling and your hunt for art 4laugh
Th0tday Report | 02/27/2015 9:55 pm
Hmm, I started collecting avatar art just as free stuff, which it's hard to be picky about free stuff. Then, I started to buy art when I had extra gold that I didn't want to spend on anything. I would just look through the shops and go with the best one I could afford, and as time has gone on, I have met better artists, and sometimes I get lucky and find some that have better quality and lower prices. I guess it just takes time to really get "good" at getting art, but honestly my last two art requests I posted in the Art Requests forum with my avatar and my OC I adopted, and these 2 nice artists came to me and were fairly decently priced with adorable chibis! My thread hadn't even been up for 10 minutes yet when they had replied. I got my order set up and when they're finished, I'll have my beautiful art. What's nice about the art request forum is, you don't have to post in people's shops, you have artists coming to you that would be interested in your character. Although, in the past, I have also had no one reply. It just varies.
Thank you for the compliment though! *clings to art collection* they're my bbys lol

well at least you don't take gaia too seriously. I see a lot of people doing that lately (taking gaia too seriously) and it can get out of hand lol so just think, it could be the opposite spectrum instead. Friends also come and go, if they are true friends, they will stay. If they don't, they must not have been as good of friends as you had thought. Even so, more will come, they always do.

I think you should! Your current avatar IS hilarious.. and I think it would make awesome art rofl
sailor einstein angel with a cookie and milk 3nodding why the hell not, right?
Ora Serphanta Report | 02/27/2015 9:51 pm
There's nothing cuter than crazy genius emotion_yatta
Th0tday Report | 02/27/2015 9:38 pm
you're welcome 4laugh I'm glad I could help heart

thank you very much, I take a lot of pride in those things and it means a lot to receive acknowledgment that others find those things pleasing as well
I collects lots and lots of art (obviously) and honestly, it's one of my favorite things on my Gaia. Hehe even as we speak I'm in the process of two commissions @_@
my avatar was mostly just... pulled together with what I had combined with things I could afford to buy at that time, although I do like it's outcome 3nodding
a lot of people have been complimenting my avi lately and it makes me so happy cry
y'all are too nice to me, thank you lots, pretty lady heart
Ora Serphanta Report | 02/27/2015 9:38 pm
That avie is adorable! emotion_kirakira

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