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Report | 06/24/2016 8:28 pm

kyohei hyuuga

OHHHH. Hahahahhah. Ok.
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Report | 06/24/2016 7:33 pm

kyohei hyuuga

LOOOOOOOOOOOL Wow. Really? lol
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Report | 03/17/2016 1:12 pm

kyohei hyuuga

Ohh ok. I thought it was a mask. lol
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Report | 03/17/2016 12:34 pm

kyohei hyuuga

Your avi-- is it wearing a mask??
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Report | 03/17/2016 9:25 am

kyohei hyuuga

Do you have a mask on--
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Report | 01/09/2016 8:51 pm

kyohei hyuuga

Yeah.. SO CLOSE YET SO FAR. ; 3;

Oh. During END of December to around the first few days of January? Yeee. e 3e
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Report | 01/09/2016 8:24 pm

kyohei hyuuga

RIGHT?! I almost won a bid once but like-- someone cut me the very last 1 second-- I have no idea how lol GG betch bidder
True! I like to keep different colors in my inventory just in case-- even if I hate the color. lol
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Report | 01/09/2016 9:26 am

kyohei hyuuga

HAAHHAAH-- Yeeee. If only I could freeze the other bidders while those few seconds go down to 0. lol

True, true. SAD LIFE. emo
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Report | 01/09/2016 7:41 am

kyohei hyuuga

Oh nothing much. Just checking Nicolae's MP store. Putting some stuff on watchlist that I like-- I doubt I'd win any bids though since people in MP are thursty. R.I.P. lol
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Report | 01/09/2016 7:01 am

kyohei hyuuga

e 3e Hi, Teddy~
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Report | 12/27/2015 10:38 pm

kyohei hyuuga


You got any good books on them? e 3e
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Report | 12/02/2015 1:36 pm

kyohei hyuuga

Ahhh. I figured it would be like that. But naww. I was just like a barrista or normal coffee person who makes orders. It was a small cafe though so it wasn't too fast-paced and I liked it. :'>

It would, but then what determines whether it's cold or hot coffee? Hmm. e He

What about YOUR imagination? What would you have been in your dream?
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Report | 12/02/2015 1:02 pm

kyohei hyuuga

What's a keurig-- |'DD

Hahahaha-- My imagination? Oh come on, don't flatter me. ;vv *SHOTDEAD*
Pfft. If my imagination influenced my dream, I would've had the power to make coffee out of my hand or something-- maybe with a snap. lol

Actually, I'd just be flying around throwing random food at people below.
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Report | 12/01/2015 5:19 pm

kyohei hyuuga

LOL. Just reply to my status reply here 'cause I'm sorta gonna log off and might come back only tomorrow night. I probably won't see your reply if it's just on status.
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Report | 08/24/2015 6:02 am

kyohei hyuuga

Oh, okay.

Naw. Not yet anyways-- lol
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Report | 08/24/2015 2:14 am

kyohei hyuuga

*pokes* You ded? e 3e
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Report | 06/19/2015 3:05 pm

kyohei hyuuga

LMAO. HAHAHHAHHAH Always calling due to misunderstanding. lol rofl

WAIT. Who has a reason to?

OHHHH. Ok ok. I sorta recognize the name.
Mine is just "LMAO" or "LOL". |'D

Pffttt-- Well then. :'D
I guess I'm not the only irresponsible Gaia parent out of us two. lol

Haha. Yeah, at least I wasn't the one who deleted first so if they're like "I KNOW YOU" later on and ask why they're not on my friend's list, I'd just go you were-- but you probably deleted me. |'D

HAAHHAHA-- Sorta the same. But I'm more like-- "BUT-- I might need it someday! Maybe the price will go up and I wouldn't be able to buy it back!"

LOL. Really? Maybe. I mean, it'd be cool if they could but I guess it won't make sense since they're only paid for the gaia-run shops. Wasn't there one already?
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Report | 06/19/2015 8:59 am

kyohei hyuuga

Rune what? This is no time for a nap, young lady! I-- zzzzZZZZZ.. *Falls asleep while in the middle of talking like those stereotype old people in movies/cartoons* lol

LMAO. So we're sorta like America but a bit funnier? rofl
Ohhh. Okay. So free healthcare. Ok that's cool. e 3e

Hahaha! Really? What was their username? :'D
LMAO-- "OH s**t---" lol

Yeeep. And now I lost track of all the other paw kids we adopted and only have Sega Yarina and Leo Nakari left. lol

LOLOLOL. Ok. I usually just be like-- If I don't remember them I don't delete them and just wait for them to delete me since I don't remember them and will probably not talk to them as much. |'DD

Haha. I see. When you said "I walked over", the song "I walked over to where you areeee.. Eye to eye we need no words at alllll" played in my head. rofl
PFFTTTT-- I know right. But then I'm already a hoarder. emo *keeps all my stack of cheap items I bought when I was a newbie* |'DD

LOLOLOL. So you're gonna draw the items for your gold shop instead of Gaia artists doing it for you? lol
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Report | 06/19/2015 8:28 am

kyohei hyuuga

Ahh, okay. Moon juice?! They exists?! I thought those were just humma-baloneys my grandparents told me. Back in my day.. *Starts going off about the old days*

LMAO-- That'd be hilarious. But then PH would probably not be taken seriously by other countries. lol

LOLOLOL-- Yeaahhh. I was really bored so I started adopting paw kids but there were so many we needed to get them a mom to help raise them and you were there so we asked you-- rofl
"ehhhhhhhhhh who is this" HAHAHA-- I do that a lot but more like "How'd I meet this person?" unless they change their username and I gotta recall who they are.
REALLY? I thought we asked. :'-0
Hahaha-- I know right? Now we can go hunting for cheap items-- Be like-- HOT DAMN. Look at those cheap items! >:'o

Haha. Just like that? rofl I'd add some items that doesn't exist yet for the convenience of cosplay avis. lol

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Report | 06/19/2015 8:08 am

kyohei hyuuga

Ahahaha-- "What did you say, young'un? May fairs? What? There's no such thing as May Fairs!" rofl

LMAO. Hot damn-- Then we'll just make the Patriotic Oath be https://youtu.be/wGlBwW7f5HA

Ahahahaha-- Well, that's thinking logically. I didn't think of that at first-- But then you were the logical one when I asked you to be the temporary mom of my adopted paw kids once since I kept losing track of them. |'DD
e ve
Hahahahaah-- I'm a freebie/cheap item sexual. It's ok. u 3u/ *PATS*

Haha. I mean, if it was me I'll try to make the items decently priced or even cheap but as I said, Gaia would think I'm bad for business for making the shop prices cheap/affordable.
Yeah, it would. 3nodding
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