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♔ Snugg.

Hi! I'm snug. You may have known me by snuggle-you-to-death,
for that was my alias a few months ago. If you want to know me, ask me
questions; however, I do not disclose any private, personal information about
what my real name is, my location, etc. What I can tell you is that I'm 24 years
old, a physical therapist and am happily married to a beautiful man.

You can find me at gaia's event threads (I try to be an achievement connoisseur),
or in my friend's quest threads, or at Gold Beach in zOMG!, or in the exchange.
I am pro-deflation, and I participate in gold sinking events. I also donate, so if
you have a dire need for items, just ask me. I will most likely donate to your quest.

If you do art, please show me your samples! I love art, and I look forward to have
a bigger and a more bountiful collection. So far, these are the masterpieces I've gathered.

I play League of Legends, but I'm fairly new, so you probably don't want to play
with me cause it might look I'm elo/mmr boosting. Regardless, if you still wanna,
my ign is "marc is awesome", so if you wanna play, hit me up. I am lvl 30 and I
am ranked, so no worries. I'm not a total noob lololol.

A Simple Timeline

Slavery = 246 years until the Emancipation Proclamation
Women Sufferage = 301 years until the 19th Amendment
US Army Disintegrated = 328 years until Executive Order 9981
Civil Rights Act = 345 years until approved by Congress
Interracial Marriage = 346 years until approved by Congress
School desegregation = 349 years until Chief Justice Earl Warren
Gay Marriage = ??? years until ???

Gold Sunk: 2,205,900,000g
Gold Donated: 1,932,881,900g
Gifts Given: 26
People Helped: 72