My name is Mary, Snuffy, Gingernut, Mazza
or any ridiculous name you can think of
I'm from Northern Britain; currently doing Film in London
I'm a green-eyed red head who is five foot ten tall.

I'm into playing music, singing,
writing books, making films,
travelling and learning languages :]
I also enjoy learning about space, stars and the
history/geography of our world.

I've been on gaia for a long time now, have met lots of brilliant people
They come and go... And so will I :]

Say hello and I will too x

I Love Kinky Kirby with all my heart! ^_^

Hero had a lil Mary lil Mary lil Mary <3


The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Currently writing~
and by "writing" we all know I secretly mean
"staring at blank pages, crying and stuffing my face with food"

Kinky Kirby