My name is Mary, Snuffy, or whatever nick name you'd like to call me
I'm from Northern Britain currently living in Leeds, England.
I'm a green-eyed red head who is five foot ten tall.
I enjoy playing music, adventuring, writing, making movies, reading, painting, socialising, partying (woo woo!)... and many other things.

I have a passion for film and writing and that is a career I am determined to break into. Watch out for me in the future!
I am currently writing a huge series! It's so ...difficult.

To me, travelling is very important. There are many things I can say about what it means to me.. I love adventuring and meeting new people from all over the world x

I must see the Northern Lights in my life time.

I've been on gaia for a long time now, have met lots of brilliant people
They come and go... And so will I :]
There's lots to know about me that isn't important but I am quite friendly if you want to know me~
Say hello and I will too x

I Love Kinky Kirby with all my heart! ^_^

Hero had a lil Mary lil Mary lil Mary <3

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