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The Snowy Me


Birthday: 10/14

One In A Million

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Shadowed Truths

Hey ya'll, my name' Snowy Shadow Cat, but ya'll can call me Snowy or Shadow or Cat or Catty or even Kitty or Kitten. I don't really care which, so take your pick. If you come up with your own then yeah that's ok too.

There isn't much to say about me honestly. I am indeed female as my avi can tell you. I won't tell you my age 'cause frankly I don't think that really matters, it's just a number. Just judge me based on my rolepaying skills. Speaking of which I LOVE roleplaying. If you just shot me a PM asking to roleplay you will become my best bud XD no joke.

I'm semi-literate to literate. I tend to mirror roleplay like if you give me a detail filled post, I'll return one. But if you give me a plain post, I will return it. I usually try to post at least a paragraph though of at least ten sentences so yeah.

I love random PMs as well as random roleplay requests so if you happen to have one, just shot me a PM. I can almost guarantee that I'll participate.

Well that's pretty much it. So yeah, bye-bye!~

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Super_Tiny_tina3 Report | 03/27/2015 3:34 pm
Hi, I was wondering if you'd like to rp?
harry_the_catalyst Report | 09/06/2013 8:15 am
You're welcome biggrin

Footsteps In The Snow

DigitalDaffodil on 07/05/2015

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