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A little info about me.

Hello there.

I am Erin Ryann Maddinson I hail from the beautiful borough of Blackpool, England. I lived in various other cities such as Brighton, Manchester, and Bristol. I've been to various countries within Europe as well such as Dublin, Ireland, Oslo, Norway, Copenhagen, Denmark and Berlin, Germany. I now reside in the United States of America for college and job reasons. I'm in college for computer networking systems and applications. I work with programs and companies such as Cisco, IBM, Java, and Telco, though I'm very novice at it.

Despite what I know, I am more comfortable with programming. I'm still learning html, ppf and other various languages for web browsing but I'll most likely focus on python/C++ once I have enough time to dedicate.

Along with my technical achievements, I am an avid fan of UFC and Bellator, as well as wrestling such as Lucha Underground and Ring of Honor. I train basic MMA and Yoga at a local gym for preteens and teens. I consider myself very fierce and if I wasn't conflicted with a broken ankle, I'd most likely strive to be professional fighter in any organization. If you were to ask me my favorite athletes:

Prince Devitt / Finn Balor
Chael Sonnen
Britani Knight / Paige
Jon Jones
CM Punk
Jessica Andrade
Sarah Kaufman
Cain Velasquez
Brock Lesnar
Charlotte Flair
Cat Zingano

I probably have a few more but those are the ones that came into my head. With my inability to pursue MMA, I have chose to wear the mantle of Parkour. I've been learning to work with my disability in the artform and needless to say I've been wildly successful at it. I've yet to truly master the art of climbing but running, hurtling, rolling and jumping I've been quite apt at.

Various usernames I went by

Fearing the Inevitable
Promenading in Britain
Blackpool in Shambles
Flying over England
The British Raven

Other factoids

I am 20 years old.
I am predominately English and very little Welsh.
I'm lesbian/gay... whatever the balls you will it.
I have a prosthetic left foot.
My favorite fruit is the apple though grapes aren't far either.
I love video game music, particularly the official soundtrack of Bastion, Transistor, Journey and Last of Us.
Speaking of games, I'm an avid DotA2 player and supporter of it being a legitimate sport (My favorite team has to be Evil Geniuses and Invictus Gaming. Team Liquid to a certain extent too. My favorite hero would probably be a tossup with Windranger, Bane and Enchantress).
I also follow the Starcraft II scene, though, not as much as I use to (I am a firm supporter of Axiom).
My favorite games vary a lot but if I had to chose from the top of my head, Mirrors' Edge, DotA2, Frozen Synapse, Mass Effect and Transistor.
I am a feminist, but not to an extent that will make you want to strangle me.
I'm agnostic.
I use both Windows 7 and 8.1, along with Linux Ubuntu and sometimes Mint.
I do not have a "virgin nose."

If anything else, just ask! I do have PMs blocked for strangers, so if you find me in towns, by all means and ask!

Toward the Wishlist, you can see what I have acquired and what I still want.

I love the way this looks, but it's super expensive, at least for me. 300b. If you wish to help, by all means, but it is a -dream- avatar for a reason! Click to see it!
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Ninetys Shy Report | 03/03/2015 6:32 am
heart 4laugh
Nerdific Report | 02/26/2015 12:29 am
Nerdific Report | 02/17/2015 6:59 pm
Shesh you really wanna be on here, don't you. c;
Ninetys Shy
Held Together By Gravity

Shelby "Nerdific" is probably my most
favorite person in the whole wide world.
I mean this a lot.
I love talking to her all the time...
Like...if she were to leave
I would cry. <3

Shey "AnAvidSinner"
is probably my most closest person
in the whole wide world...
She truly makes me smile
no matter how I feel.
I would also cry
If she disappeared..<3

"I don't fight because I wanted to get my a** beat or kick someone's a**, I fight because it
builds respect and character.
You step up to me, whether I drop you or not, in the end, I'll make you respect me.
I'll even make you famous." <3

Yula "Held Together By Gravity"
Is probably the most adorable
Fun and unique person I've ever met.
I love her and I too
Would cry if she were to leave my life <3