--As If Anyone Will Read This:)

Snowflake - Georgia Peachh.
21 years old ;; Mother Of Two.
My name is Hailey Alicia.
I love my Husband and Sons.
I love making others Smile.
My favorite color is Green.
Tacobell is a freaking Obsession.
My life is absolutely Awesome.
I wear my heart on my Sleeve.
I'm a friend for a Lifetime.
I have found the man who can Love Me Forever.
And my life is officially Complete.

And oh yea, That's me. (:

I Love Their ******** Faces ;))<3


My Soulmate

Is My Son

You're the only one
who will ever know
the strength of my

love for you.
After all, you're
the only one who knows
what my
sounds like from the inside.