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I probably won't respond to your PM or comment because I am a terribly anxious person and that freaks me out

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Q: Why did you block me?
A: Because you're an a*****e and I don't care to see you or your shitty opinions when I'm browsing gaia.

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Valiska Aradia Pines Report | 08/27/2016 3:00 pm
Valiska Aradia Pines
It's GORGEOUS smile
Valiska Aradia Pines Report | 08/27/2016 2:55 pm
Valiska Aradia Pines
SuccuViv Report | 08/24/2016 7:31 pm
omosh and that ponytail you have is perfecttt <3
aaa so many cute ideas! and rasp + byz is like so nice DX and yesss I vote for more royal items C8 it'd look sososo nice <333 aaa so many cool ideas ;;; _ ;;; I wish we could buy ilimited tickets haha
spirit box Report | 08/24/2016 7:07 pm
spirit box
I was really considering it, but I'm trying to move to Maine soon. So I'm cutting back on apensing.
We're true giaa addicts c:

Thank you, you're the sweetest! Same goes to you, I'm here to vent to for all irl and Gaia happenings emotion_bigheart
SuccuViv Report | 08/24/2016 7:02 pm
YOU NEED TO GET THEM ALLL, what colors do you want for the parcels? more of your scheme? C: <3 it was sooo sweet <333 and omgosh more cute paws I couldn't handle it!!!
if I had unlimited tickets I'd prob want a stylist license ticket or a ruby ticket to make a modern Crown, I'd want a new adorable jelloh friend and his special pose would prob be a slime skin that is slightly see through or something, I don't know lol and I want a rainbow or for the milk caramel stuteaous :C it'd be such a weird scheme to try and replicate though loool it's basically my Vivi XD;;;
spirit box Report | 08/24/2016 6:48 pm
spirit box
Yeah lmao, not a whole lot more you can argue with that. It was so tempting though. (Not so secretly regretting not getting it)

Yeah I think Gaia's charm just isn't overpowering my hectic irl at the moment. I have too much going on ; -;
SuccuViv Report | 08/24/2016 6:46 pm
some people just b***h at aaanything lol and yes this one! I really wanted to pair it with the floating legs I own haha, I thought it'd look so witchy and perfect <3 and aaa Snow you are too nice ; O ;

I saw that you want a bunch of tickets! you've made so much amazing stuff that I'm so intrigued what else you wanna make 8D!!! please share haha, did you saw the mocks Stan made for me for the Milk Caramel Stuteaous? I adore the legs and book lol recolored like that it's such a Vivi item XD
spirit box Report | 08/24/2016 6:35 pm
spirit box
Thank you! #neverchangingit
Tbh, I'm having an avatar block great depression, or at least recession. I think of really cool themes, but then I give up halfway making the outfit cry

Also :eyerollemoji: @ trying to be corrected. Like girl you wild if you think I have the time of day to make that up talk2hand
spirit box Report | 08/24/2016 6:28 pm
spirit box
SuccuViv Report | 08/24/2016 5:40 pm
oh my god when I saw those legs from my phone I SWEAR I thought of a picnic blanket and a beach avi, your avi's truly PERF
and omgoshhh Snowww ; _ ; thank you!!! that's so the vibe I was going for so it feels super nice for someone to notice <333 it's like so nice when someone gets you, thank you so much for the compliments :C I love your avis (both paw and human) so its super nice to hear a compliment from someone who's style I enjoy so much <3


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