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(^-^*)/! Why hello there, SO i felt like finally changing my profile...i was lazy because well needed to change codes and colors as well. But yeah i did it :3 and i also updated the about me section x.x so yeah.

I recently changed my User Name to the name i use InGame
Old: Tears Of Porcelain
New: Snoorin
You can call me what people usually call me by, Snoo, Snoo Snoo or Snoo Bear.
You can also call me by my real Name which is Ari.

I'm 20 years old and currently attending college. My second year to be exact.
I have been part of the Gaia Community ever since 08/28/2008 and i have to say that it has been quite a ride. I usually I'm on and off this site because of school work has me super busy or because I'm playing online games like:
-League of Legends
-MTG (Magic The Gathering)
And other games on XboX and so on.
Another reason on why i don't get on here as much as before is because I'm drawing or playing music on my guitar.

I'm and Open Minded person, outgoing and probably most of the time shy if i don't know you well enough. I listen to reason. And if you want to hold a smart conversation with me i can do that. If not i can do that as well.

If you come telling me that your life sucks then I'm going to tell you to do something about it and stop complaining. Why? Well that's simple Your life wouldn't suck if you do something about it.

Anyway I love Art and Art is one of the reasons I come on Gaia because its full of very talented people. I will be holding contests throughout the year so i will keep you updated.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can message me or comment right bellow.



mah faceboohkkk!!!! :3