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(^-^*)/コンチャ! Why hello there, SO i felt like finally changing my profile...i was lazy because well needed to change codes and colors as well. But yeah i did it :3 and i also updated the about me section x.x so yeah.

I recently changed my User Name to the name i use InGame
Old: Tears Of Porcelain
New: Snoorin
You can call me what people usually call me by, Snoo, Snoo Snoo or Snoo Bear.
You can also call me by my real Name which is Ari.

I'm 21 years young. I love to draw...only when im in the mood. I enjoy video games...not alone though...they get boring and yeah. Currently living in cali and waiting to start a nursing program soon. If you have questions about me don't hesitate to ask :3
I have been part of the Gaia Community ever since 08/28/2008 and i have to say that it has been quite a ride. I usually I'm on and off this site because of school work has me super busy or because I'm playing online games I stopped for a while and bam i comeback to find everything overpriced T^T

If you want you can leave a comment right down below :'D

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