Kik : Jemmxd
Skype : Jemmmxd

I'm 16 and I live in the city Chicago.
Currently a junior in high school
I'm mostly found in the CB, or in Virtual Hollywood.
I'm single, but I don't date online. Sorry, if I pick reality over the internet.
I love drinking tea, watching anime, Youtube and traveling.
Basically what I do everyday in my freetime, not the traveling part though.
As you can tell, I also love Kingdom Hearts.
I have a huge tiny obsession with the Pirates of the Caribbean.
I'm not an interesting person, in my opinion, but I will eventually open up to you.
I do have those times where I'm very happy and act like a toddler at some points.
Don't worry I don't bite, so hit me up with a PM and what not.

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Foolish You
Devils Orchard
Smokin Cannabis
The Toast Boy

I'm sorry, but I quit... Im done with all this ********' stress
I'll miss you all.
Bye guys.