My age is a number.
Single as a pringle.
Soon to be soldier, ship out date is July 25th.

Brandon is such an amazing friend
Like swear on my mother.
You'll always be my bb, bbg, bby, fgt and so on c': You're my best friend
forever and I wouldn't ever replace you or want to. I know we don't talk
as much because my f*****t self decided to stop being in touch with
almost everyone lately and not check s**t because I'm a retard. Hurhur.
You're always my number one Kouhai no matter what, you heard?
So, no one can take him from me tyvm. He's too special for you fks
to take him from me.
I love you Brandonnnnnn!

- Ally

Kik: positivelybrandon
Skype: brandon.soto7
PSN: DeathTheKid-Dx-
LoL: GetGudBro


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