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Hello everyone,

During the last few years I have had a growing interest in Cosplay, Anime, and Manga. I Love the artwork, cosplay outfits, and photos. Back on Oct 30th 2009 I went to my first Anime / Cosplay Con, Youmacon 2009. It was close to home in Dearborn Michigan at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Feel free to check out my profiles and the pictures that I took at that convention and many others throughout the years. At my first convention I became a Cosplay Photographer!! smile My photos can be found at and at

I have always had an eye for photography, interest in costumes due to my birthday being on Halloween, and I was in my glory seeing some of my favorite Manga and Anime characters come to life. At my first con I was in awe of the scene around me and the ease that the cosplayers posed for me for picture taking. I admire their creative genius in coming up with their wonderful costumes. I was hooked and looked forward to going to more cons in the future.

I Love everything that's Star Trek. It's not just a show or a movie. Star Trek shows a possible future for our world where everyone is treated the same, with dignity, and respect no matter who they are. At Youmacon 2009 I wore my first Cosplay costume. I proudly wore a Star Trek outfit from the original series. Depending on the person they thought I was either Cadet Dr McCoy from the new Star Trek movie, or either Spock or Dr McCoy from the Original Star Trek series. Many people wanted to take my picture. I was in awe of all of the attention.

I really like to travel and it's amazing what you can find if you stop and look around. I Love traveling in Michigan the most. I like the rich history, the wildlife, the wilderness, the beaches, and so on. I really like Music as well, especially vocalists. Not only do I enjoy listening to music I Love to sing in the car and at church as well. Check out my tags and if find a common interest please contact me.

Please note that I'm happily married and currently 53 years young. So I'm not interested in a relationship other than new friendships Male or Female. I'm a kid at heart and I feel that I can offer my fellow Gaian a lot of things due to my life experiences. I can look at things through the eyes of a child, teen, or adult. I know what many people are going through these days. Gaia is a wonderful diversion that I still exploring. I'm looking for friends with common interests and checking out new things.

Please check out the Guild that I have created back in March of 2011. It's based on my interest in Dungeons and Dragons, Anime, and Role Playing Games. Click on the name of my Guild, "Anime Role Playing Extraordinaire", on this page and feel free to check it out. Please send me a PM if you have an interest in joining my guild and trying out one of my Role Playing Games (RPG's).

I went to my second convention Youmacon 2010 and wore a Dungeon and Dragons Cleric outfit. This time the con was at the Renaissance Center in Downtown Detroit and I couldn't get enough of it and the fun. This time I took a lot more pictures and had a lot of fun doing it. smile

During 2011 I have gone to the Anime convention Jafax16 near Grand Rapids, Michigan and to Youmacon 2011 wearing my latest Cosplay outfit based on Syaoran from the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Anime series. Since 2011 I have gone to Youmacon every year, back to Jafax a few times and to Shutocon that's in Lansing, Michigan a couple of times.

Lately I have been helping out a guild called, "Anime Conventions: The Global Connection", which I joined shortly after I joined Gaia. This is a special Guild where you can talk to other Gaians about Anime, Cosplaying, and going to Cons. This year (2015) I answered the call to help the guild and became a Crew Member. After helping out for a while my work was appreciated so much that I was promoted to Vice Captain. This year (2016) I became the Guild's Captain. Please click on the link on this page to see what this wonderful Guild is all about. You can now see many of my Cosplay Photography photos throughout this Guild.

I hope that you have enjoyed learning about me. I'm looking forward to meeting fellow Gaian's to talk to whether they are young, old, teen, adult, and definitely young at heart. Whether it's a friendship, chating by PM's, or Role Playing on my guild "Anime Role Playing Extraordinaire" this is certainly a website to have fun on.

Smithers456 (Ron)


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"I'm the Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice in a Sailor Suit! Sailor Moon has Arrived!! In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!"
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Ebania Report | 09/19/2016 7:06 pm
Hi! Welcome to the Newbie Supporting and Training Guild.

To help you start your exploration of the NSTG, please be sure to visit our official Welcome Thread, which will link you to some of the most important and exciting places in the NSTG. One of our most popular attractions is our Active Members Raffle, where just twenty posts earn you a raffle ticket for an awesome monthly prize. But if you're new to Gaia as a whole, you can earn your first donation by visiting our Sweet Treats for Newbies charity, which rewards newbies for posting twenty times in our guild.

Thanks, and we can't wait to see you around the guild! emotion_hug
Starz-N-Madness Report | 08/26/2016 6:36 pm

I hope you are doing well (:

Kyoko5075 Report | 01/18/2016 8:07 pm
Nice! That's pretty cool.
Kyoko5075 Report | 01/16/2016 10:23 am
Hey! I'm doing pretty good. Finishing my last semester of college. How are you?
DisneyLover590 Report | 12/18/2015 2:48 pm
Of course!!!! Disney is always on the mind!
OnsenMark Report | 10/31/2015 1:05 am
happy birthday or something XD
xinitia Report | 07/05/2015 10:23 pm
One more week and I'll have free time again!!! Woot woot! I can't wait to become more active in the guild again. Bear with me, just a little while longer!
Starz-N-Madness Report | 07/01/2015 7:42 am
Awww, thank you, Big Bro! (:
Starz-N-Madness Report | 06/29/2015 11:18 am
I just saw your message now!
AWW, I actually did start speaking with an accent a bit! It's so catchy, it was hard not to pick up on it!
I will try sending you a friends request now! I will be posting photos within the next day or so too, of my trip, so feel free to check it out.
Your lil sis, Stephanie
Starz-N-Madness Report | 06/15/2015 8:32 pm
Hi Ron!
Thanks so much! (:
I see you are wearing the mask!
It looks great (:
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