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Information, if you're wondering!
Name: Stephy or Meredith c:
Age: 21 years young.
Status: Spoken for ♥
Likes: Daughters Cari and Cloe, intelligence, art, culinary interests, music, peace and quite, hospitality, maturity, decency,
civility, kindness and generosity in general.
Dislikes: Immaturity, hypocrisy (though we all have it at times) dishonesty, basically anything
that can label you as a horrible person.
Favorite Colors: Green, Teal, Black and Pink.
Favorite Music: Dupstep, Aggrotech, Hardstyle, Industrial and Trance.

I love donating, unless I'm asked. I give away billions of gold to people every year.
I hate the fact Gaia is such a cash cow, and legitimate questers are now fxcked.