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Haffs Report | 08/02/2016 10:27 am
thank you for the birthday wishes. i hope everything is well with you!
684-Y Report | 06/24/2016 10:00 am
Thank you! redface
Kronprinz Schwarzhaus Report | 06/15/2016 11:33 pm
      Ahahaha, not really. xD
      It's just a joke between the friends and I who share it.
      Thank you though! Glad to help!
Kronprinz Schwarzhaus Report | 06/14/2016 11:28 pm
      It's a custom Agate ticket achievement I have shared among three other friends of mine called "You Thought..."
      The titles are: Savage, Savages
Quibuz Report | 03/26/2016 7:22 pm
you're more than welcome dear emotion_hug
Quibuz Report | 03/26/2016 7:06 pm
Happy Birthday biggrin
Master_Yumiee Report | 02/25/2016 2:03 pm
Thanks for buying!~ heart
meatballhead15 Report | 12/15/2015 7:50 am
I agree. I would be able to get the sweaters via GoFusion if not for the required snowflake charmes. The marketplace is SOLD OUT, no way to craft currently, and the only two giftboxes that contain one... are going for 9 bil or 180 cash... for one snowflake... 4 are required.

I really wish they wouldn't call these free items when you have to pay cash to get the required ingredients sad I'm on permanent disability and have to make horrible embarassing sacrifices in my daily life... I can't give Gaia money that should be spent on.... uhm... gas? deoderant? bills? cat food/litter?
Kuro Kori Ryu Report | 11/28/2015 6:49 pm
Your very welcome heart
SnazzyGuymelef Report | 08/20/2015 11:52 pm
thx 4 buyn


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