My Name is Luks.
Pronounced like Lucks.

I am Passionate about Baking and Art.
I have been a Baker since I was 7.
Artist since I could walk.

Some Favorites:
Animal: Snow Leopards,Zebras,and Skunks.
Meat: Alligator.
Band: Nothing More/Goo Goo Dolls/One Ok Rock.
Colors: Navy,White,Purple,Teal,Black.
Randoms: Tanned characters with light hair and Monster girls.

I Love the 80s.
The music,the slang,the movies,the fashion.
Though I dress mostly in Black or Band shirts w/jeans.

My Best-friend is my Dah, I am their Dauz.
They mean the world to me and Im sure They know that!
I wouldn't be alive today if my Dah wasn't in my life.
I want to take a moment to thank my Dah.(Avoret)

I live with my Husband (Sinister Confessions)
I love him so freaking much~
No One else can have him~
~~~Officially Married 5-20-2017~~~
Nor can anyone else be him to me~♥

I am
(I love my Dyly~♥)

I do tend to forget who people are.
So if you randomly pm me and I don't respond,
its cause I don't know who you are.