A little bit about me.^_^

Okay, so I think it's about time I updated this a bit:

Update date:9-22-2013

My real name: My secret.^_-


Height: About 5 feet 9 inches.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown.

Status: Happily Taken.

I guess I've been described as an extremely kind yet weird person.
I've found the perfect girl for me recently.

My musical preferences center around orchestral and non-lyrical pieces.
Mostly stuff you'd hear in video games.
I DESPISE Rap and Hip-Hop.
I don't know the names of the majority of famous musical artists or movie actors[with the exceptions of Jim Carrey and Robin Williams], so don't bother talking about them with me unless you like the idea of being shocked that I don't know who someone famous is.^^;;

Personality is the most important factor to me.
If I'm going to like a person, or be friends with a person, they have to be good-hearted with strong morals.
I find it VERY hard to accept those who think that things like theft are justifiable, and don't feel guilt over it.....

If you're close friends with a person, then teasing is all good. But out of respect, you should keep it minimal until you've grown closer to the person.
Don't use personal details to tease before that point.^_-

My hobbies?
Swimming, Biking, Video games[biggest one], Anime and Manga, Reading, and Writing my novels.[none published yet.]

My flaws?
I can be a bit lazy and unkempt at times. I can also come off as arrogant when defending my beliefs, personal or otherwise. It's something I'm working very hard to try to correct about myself.
My memory is terrible and I need a lot of constant reminders to get tasks done.
I've also been told that I have a small bit of a hero complex, but personally I don't view it as a bad thing, since I can keep it under control most times.^^;;

I recently found out that I have a condition known as Aspergers, a part of the Autism spectrum of disorders, albeit on the higher end of the functionality scale.

It affects everyone differently, but for me, it means that the Executive Functions area of my brain doesn't fire off normally, like most people.
Unless I have very specific stimulus, it becomes nearly impossible for me to stick with mundane tasks and get work done.

Anything else you wanna know? Feel free to PM me. I'm very friendly and out-going to most anyone, so don't be shy about it.^_^

I'll update this more as I go about my life.^_^


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Joeylinky Report | 08/06/2014 3:28 pm
cool avi
GalaxySavior Report | 05/14/2014 10:58 pm
A Legend of Zelda fan huh? My meat market manager is a Legend of Zelda fan himself. Legend of Zelda was actually the first RPG game I played on the Nintendo 64 which is what I started out with. Turok Dinosaur Hunter was my first shooter if you remember that game series.

Nice to meet the first 20 year old on here.
aTlGER Report | 03/19/2014 1:56 pm
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!!!! VOTE !!!!
aTlGER Report | 03/11/2014 7:40 pm
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Excuse me but would you please take a moment for our lord and savior Jesus Christ and vote for my avi c: ?

! V O T E !
sagethewanderer Report | 02/20/2014 9:28 am
Hello Smashbro. How have you been lately?
Froggylicker Report | 01/10/2014 10:20 am
LOVE*** sweatdrop
Froggylicker Report | 01/10/2014 10:19 am
OMFG I LIVE YOUR AVI asdfghjkl;' heart
l Zelda l Report | 12/05/2013 12:09 pm
l Zelda l
I've never been to a beach ; w ;

Ohh~ Sounds.. interesting o:

l Zelda l Report | 12/04/2013 10:23 pm
l Zelda l
Awh, well that sucks. I love the cold ^ w ^
I would rather be cold than hot.. > w <
Job corps? What's that?
l Zelda l Report | 12/04/2013 9:54 pm
l Zelda l
Tis a holiday dress, do you like it?


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