Hello, thank you for
visiting my profile.
Why thank you? - Well, that
you are here means that you are intressted
in what I'm doing and how I am.
Or maybe you just came here randomly.
However, you are here and I don't want
to disappoint you, so here is some information
about me and my life:

My name is Simmi and I was born on
13th December, 199_ .
Please only add me, if we 'know' us.
But feel free to send me a pm or
give me a cupcake. ^^
I LOVE cupcakes,cookies and stuff like that.
My friends and I always bake them together. <3
♥ Chocolate-Chips-Cookies. :]
And if we are not baking, then we are dancing
(not that good) to songs from Just Dance 1-3. C;

I like Animes and Mangas (learning to draw them,
you can buy them very cheap in my shop, link
at the end) .
So if you are talented and a kind person, then please
draw me some art. <3 c:

Well,that's it.
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more stuff.
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