☯ hi im jen ☯
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hi im jen
im 16 forever
i like books and poetry
and plants
i love plants
almost more than cute boys
did i mention i love cute boys

poem of the day:

i love you, okay? sorry, i'm just talking to your hands, don't pay attention. even
streetlights love you. did you know that? they caress your jawline like you're theirs and
not mine. mine. never mine. you never belonged to me, i need to remember that
remember that time we argued about whose veins looked more like a forest than human
anatomy? i think you won, i hope you won. god, i'm so nervous i'm sorry, i'm sorry i can't
figure out what to say around a boy with a thunderstorm laugh. does it hurt sometimes?
do you ever cough up lightning bolts? do you have leftover electricity running through
your hands? god what i'd do to hold them. i bet when you walk by that church on
eleventh street, the nuns pray for forgiveness for father, they have sinner. sorry, i'm
sorry i don't really know what i'm doing here. you know she won't ever care what type of
socks you're wearing today, right? i doubt she'll even notice. it's the checkered ones for
monday, just by the way. i doubt she'll call you babe just to bother you and you know as
well as i do that she'll never tell you that she's been dreaming about what you must taste
like. promise me you'll never have a staring contest with her that was never a staring
contest to begin with. promise me you won't tell her that her eyes aren't mud brown,
they're graveyard colored and on her best day, coffee flavored. sorry, i'm sorry, you were
never mine to begin with, you were never mine to dream about. but if we're going by that
standard, don't you think you should let every pen you've ever held, and every living
creature that's ever heard your voice, know that you don't belong to them? it's not fair
after all, to let someone love you without ever telling them that they don't have a chance
in hell. you know what, ******** the chances. i love you and your goddamn cigarettes.

ya i write these
and i probably wont update it everyday


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