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New Mexico, US

Lazy mohawks and leather boots are my thing.


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dopaminejunkie Report | 04/04/2014 2:37 pm
yo amigo, how the hell are you!? mrgreen
Toxilicks Report | 02/09/2014 1:11 pm
Thank yoooou~
Toxilicks Report | 02/08/2014 11:22 pm
I wasn't sure what to expect. But I'm glad I saw your profile.
sporosofyadah Report | 01/06/2014 10:45 pm
Thanks for your input. Although I must say I would be more inclined to give your little "critique" more serious consideration had it not been delivered in such a diminutive, conceited, and unnecessarily self-righteous tone. Especially when what it seems to infer is that, when it comes to poetry, using bigger words and having perfect rhymes at the end of each line is more important than the message. Ostensibly, you're correct. Obviously the greats like Emerson, Elliot, Dickinson, Tolstoy, Bly, Frost, Machado, Vallejo, Whitman, Browning, and Longfellow always made sure that they completely disregarded clarity and simplicity -opting instead for being superficially "deep" by using the biggest words they possibly could- and always made to sure focus on the words rhyming and the lines looking pretty, rather than the thematic principle they were trying to deliver. Clearly [i]I'm[/i] completely missing the point. /sarcasm.

and, ooooooh Nietzche, nice name-drop. Did you hear that in your philosophy 101 class, taught by professor stiff-balls-swaddled-in-tweed you try-hard unlikable suck-hole? I personally like the German philosophers like Friedrick, and Kant, and Shopenhauer as much as any philosophy buff, but they are a bit stale and they certainly titillate themselves with the laughable notion of being "learned." They're more for shallow douches who want to pretend that they're geniuses- above us mere mortals with our pathetic, minuscule, pithy vocabularies- without so much as a single innovative spark to corroborate such a grandiose claim. So, I prefer the French philosophers like Montaigne, Voltaire, Descartes, and Sartre- they didn't hate themselves because the weight of the world was too much, like Nietzche did. At least not so much as because they couldn't stand the unwarranted presumption and pretense of the human garbage which once littered the aristocracy, and peasantry and all circles of humanity, and which now has a glowing glorious shrine commemorated to it on the internet; built by neck-beards like you, out of snark- that peeved little cousin which could never quite amount to true wit- with nothing better to do than be reductive towards people whom [i]actually[/i] attempt to hone their respective talents out of spite because they have none. So I'll expand my vocab, just as soon as you expand your lips around a gun barrel, and advance the collective intellect of the gene pool by removing yourself from it.

and now, just to be a d**k, here's a list of vocab words which I've been writing sentences of to do exactly as you said and expand my vocab.
after all, clearly, your approval means so much to me.
abaft- adv. toward the stern of a shift.
The captain commanded, "Abaft!"
abase- v. lower in rank or position. -ment n.
For your discretions, I must abase you.
I have no option left save abasement.
abeam- adv. right angles to the keel of a ship.
I hate nautical terms like abeam.
aberrant- adj. straying from the right course.
History might be very different if Louis or Clarke had been slain by an aberrant arrow.
abjure- v. to renounce or exile solemnly
I would never abjure you so happlessly.
abnegate- v. to deny; to refuse or renounce.
I abnegate the allegation that I smoke crack.
I abnegate such biggoted ideologies.
abrade- v. to wear or rub off. -ing v.
I feel my stamina abrade after hours grinding away in servitude.
The sygil on the warrior's shield was abrading from years of constant turmoil.
abrogate- v. to put an end to.
We must abrogate the stagnance of our governing bodies.
abscind- v. to sever; to seperate.
She brought the clever down to abscind the meat.
We must abscind ourselves of our dependance on foreign energy.
abstemious- adj. to be showing moderation.
The teacher watched her dancers with abstemious satisfaction.
abut- v. to border. -ed, -ing, v.
Mexico abuts America to the south.
Pakistan, abuted next to India, is locked in a cold war with them.
We are abuting Canada.
accrete- v. to
pearlmethyst Report | 12/24/2013 9:35 am
Hiya! Thanks for the gift emotion_kirakira Are you an LDer? I've never seen youaround but I see other people I know from lifestyle Discussion in your friendslist. So tell me, who exactly are you? :3
SoulsDiluge Report | 12/13/2013 2:34 am
Not entirely sure why,
but I thought I'd say hi.
You seem like a nice guy. xp
cliolioil Report | 11/07/2013 7:35 pm
Immoral Wishes Report | 09/27/2013 12:32 am
Immoral Wishes
I like your flamingo. :3
Even though I typically get irritated with sig things that move. ._.;
Precisive Report | 07/14/2013 11:09 pm
Thanks for buying! ^^ ♥ Means alot. Another 899 or so added to my goal of 5 mil. Much love~
Headlesser Report | 06/29/2013 4:12 pm
omg you a nig;dfs;
plus chelle is a poo omg


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