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So you want to know about me?

I'll keep this short since I rather we just get to know each other threw chat. Fortunately, I do get that sometimes it's nice to know a little about a person before you start talking to them, because what if you start talking and you don't get along! or worse, there a jerk! I am not a jerk though and would enjoy talking and making friends on gaia.
Anyway, I'm in my twenties and am going to school to become a Psychiatrist. I love books so I also want to be a Librarian some day. I enjoy all sorts of music, preferably acoustic guitar and alternative indie. I'm a bit of a gamer, mostly (but not exclusively) PC games. Guild wars II is my favorite. Other hobbies I have would be drawing, running, and piano.
I think thats enough info for you to decide weather you would like to talk or whatever so I guess I will end it there (:


"By liberating oneself, one changed power relations and therefore transformed society" -The Situationists