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Name: Slay_Chan
Age: Unkown to you
Race: Argentina, and African America
Language: America English
Relationship: Single
Role player: Of course
About Me:

I enjoyed many things in my life. I do not believe in stress or yelling. I like to take things slow. I am on and off of gaia due to school and work. Of course I enjoy video games mostly puzzles games and zelda games. I do enjoy watching yugioh my favorite yuighoh is Yugi oh 5Ds. I do enjoy other animes and shows. My all time favorite show is Sailor Moon. I do not have any favorite movies or actual tv shows. I have wonderful friends and family and am glad they can support me in my time of need. I thank you all for being here and I hope you enjoyed reading my profile. Check my art work out on DA.

Art given to me by other Artist:


Akuma Revan
Lil Hearts die
Hugs for Marik
Genryu Okami