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Birthday: 05/02


Who am I?

How's it going? Call me Leila or Skye.

It isn't often I have visitors so please, make yourself comfortable.

Wishlist Links: Incomplete
I understand that, with the way my profile is organized, many of the links to items on my wishlist are distorted and won't show up properly, so I'm taking the time to comb through and provide links to each item for convenience. They are listed in the same order as they appear in my wishlist, with five to each row. Recolors that are near each other will be listed together.

Erebus\' Moon || Astra: Mint Breeze || Bingo the Border Collie || La Belle Chanteuse || Deen\'s Potion || Prince of the Sea

The Mad Hatter || Winter Dancer || Team Star || Lilac Cosmos || Froufrou Francé

Error || Mr Buttersotch the Third || Gentle Loving Manner || Wisteria || Celestial Emissary

Fallen Wish || Astra: Full Spectrum || I am Sparkly || Fading Ember || Ribbon Candy

Luxurious Lucy || Black Licorice || Happy End || Duke || Crystal Majoko Mariko Eyes

Redemption Arms || Picolitrosso\'s Urn || Eternal Eclipse || Madam Zelle || Ebony Debutante

White Delight || Midnight Countess || Blaze Cluster || Aeroglider || Whispering Wisteria

Summer Haircut || Morpheus || Hollywood Lips || Passionate Knight Venus || Wild Things

Demon\'s Eminence || In Silence I Kill || Lamenting Lucie || Lovesick Gaze || Adamant Vault

Ivory Baronet || Pixie Queen || Agape\'s Cut || Agape\'s Cut || Not Tomorrow || Bloodstained Cook

Visionary Runaway || Le Secret De Garneret/Victorie || Josie\'s Jaunt || Woe Arms || Radiant Prism

Bewitching Allure || Lizzie Rose || Mystery Friend || Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires || Cumulus

Koi || Fateful/Remarkable Evening || Gothic Butterfly || Astra: Glorious Sparkleflies || Child Prodigy

North Kitten Star || Dark/Bright/Colorful Eurydice Eyes || Somber Bloom || Time Lapse Gala || Adventurer\'s Legend

Flawless Bloom || Serpentine Raiments || Fall Bride || Fluttery Fille || Winter Rose

Azrael\'s Wings || Fremere\'s Guard || Tangy Citrus Deluxe || Syndarian Summoner || Ebony Fallen/Pure Heavenly Wings

Lilac Heart || Astra: Celestial Falling Stars || Artemis (Alizarin/Ivory/Starless) || Artemis Divinity || Warmth of Apollo

Madoka Magica: Soul Gem Collection
Madoka Magica: Kyubey
Astra: Mournful Breeze
Luxurious Anne



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sitamasters Report | 06/10/2014 8:35 pm
cat_lol Love you!!
Avion Yuki Report | 11/19/2012 1:27 pm
Avion Yuki
KH fan.. Sweet, lol.

My name is Skye!

The items from this list that
I need for my quest are:
►Demon's Eminence
►Two (2) copies of In Silence I Kill
►Adamant Vault
►Lamenting Lucie
►Lovesick Gaze