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Hey there, thanks for viewing my profile. Allow me to first say that I am what you might call an 'Elder Gaian,' meaning I am 18 and older. I'm going to leave it at that. If that's too much of a problem for you, then I must bid you a good day. Thanks for stopping by. Although while you're here, welcome. Watch my AMVs if you wish and leave a comment if you so desire. Enjoy.

Some info about me:

Me: Skydron. I won't tell you my actual name, unless I deem otherwise.
Age: 18+
Location: Here on gaia.
Real location: Wouldn't you like to know? lol Actually its in Tx, USA

I do have a life other than gaia, and it does occasionally interfere when I don't want it too, so if I happen to vanish suddenly I apologize in advance. Enjoy your free time while it lasts younglings, for you shall have less than you think when you get older.

I am currently going back to get my degree. My vast amount of patience seems to have run out as I finally got fed up with all the stupidity I encountered during the day to day, or rather the night to night as I worked mostly overnights. While playing mind games on drunks and subjugating them to mental torture was fun, it can become quite dull after a while. When it reaches that point it becomes pretty clear its time for a change.

Now my days find me taking classes at college. As much as I hate school, which is no secret, I do see the worth. Going back has been difficult. Think I'm kidding? Lets see you work 5 years of steady overnights and then have that flip by having to be up by 6am. Trust me... its not an easy thing to do. Its been a year now and I'm still trying to adjust, though its getting easier.

While I no longer work fast food, the mistreatment of food service people is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. I get rather ticked when people think they can mistreat food service people. To those of you who think that way, I have this to say...

Go rent a movie called 'Waiting.' Watch it all the way through, and then tell me you think you can mistreat food service people. This movie is from the food service workers' perspective... ie a day in the life of a restaurant. I'd specifically pay very attention to the scene involving the mouthy lady who orders a steak. smilies/icon_twisted.gif Fair warning... I wouldn't try eating while watching this movie smilies/icon_rofl.gif smilies/icon_rofl.gif

Anyways, before I go off on a rant about that... I am currently working towards getting my degree in Mass Communications, with a minor in writing. I've been told I sound quite nice over a speaker, so I might look into a career doing something like that.

The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist (Good Quality)

Vegeta: I Stand Alone

The Story of Sky-dron

Name: Sky-dron (Sky)
-- Kahonian (last one known, lost race of immortals)
-- Current location: Mostly seen at the elemental school where he has attained the rank of being the god of light

Appearance: Above average height. Built, but not overly so, leanly muscled allowing for speed as well as strength in battle. Fast, but strong. Outward generally shown by sig.

Background story:

No one really knows from where Sky-dron really comes from, not even Sky-dron himself. He has long since forgotten where he came from, it goes back to far to remember. All he knows is that he is unique, the last of his kind, that much he knows. He also knows that there was once a great many more of his kind.

Sky-dron has taken to wandering, first major recorded appearence being in the land of Euphoria. Any history of himself from before that time is hazy at best.

When he first appeared in the land of Euphoria he came across a rather shady character who was attempting to steal the powers of the then Ice goddes Alestial, who he would later learn to be his adopted sister. Having nothing really better to do he dispatched the character without much dificulty.

He would also meet on his first day in the land of Euphoria the soon to be god of darkness, Thanatos. At first there was a noticable tension between the two, but that would eventually grow into a mutual respect between the two.

Sky-dron decided to stay in the land of Euphoria, looking to expand his abilities. He would later battle Thanatos, nearly perishing as a result. Since deciding to stay, Sky-dron has since grown in both power and ability. He would attain the rank of light god. Originally not possessing any set elements, using only energy, he viewed this as a way to expand his abilities.

Sky-dron may be the god of light, but he possesses a darkness inside himself. One he has on numerous occassions tried to control, without much success. He has learned however, to control it to some extent, allowing him to use its power. This allows him a 'duel nature' of sorts. There should be some warning however, that this inner darkness desires freedom.....

((more to come))


Dragonball Z - The Chosen Ones

Azure Days

Its fine being foolish.
So look out for traces if our dreams.
Farewell, Azure days!

Let us go with the flow - Someday, we will become adults,
and gradually become tainted.
Only the ripe fruit will be picked, and be sliced by the knife.
But before we get swallowed.....

We all strived for Shangri La without being overtaken by our desires.
We kept searching for a freedom covered in fantasies.
Im able to say this now, that this is the eternity we want.

Farewell Azure days!

300 Saiyins-That would make for an interesting movie


3DS FC: 4184 1262 4619

My RPC: Sky-dron (Sky)


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Ha, yeah it happens like that when you have kids.
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You still alive?
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Thanks. smile biggrin
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no problem!
Thunder God Yoric Report | 09/16/2013 5:06 pm
Lol. That would be like me telling you to be careful.

Well wher you get further into the class let me know how its going. I came back here to get my writing mojo flowing again not to mention Leauge had consumed my free time so my writing has become a bit rusty.

You could have given him both copies, Baptist and raw version.
Thunder God Yoric Report | 09/16/2013 8:41 am
Hey bro. Long time no hear. Hows your creative writing classes going. Im planning on starting my journey in creative writing in january now that im done with this whole army ordeal. If you have any tips or advice let me know. Til then keep your head up bro.
Dressphere Master Yuna Report | 01/20/2013 6:14 pm
Ahh,no ^^
I think it`s cool XD
Keep it,it`s really awesome XD
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Thanks for buying! 3nodding
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Whoa o.o
A lot of things~~
You`re tough and keep this up ^^

And thanks for buying XD