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I hardly have reason to return. I like race cars, giant stompy robots, and pissing off all spectrum of politics. Maybe I'm looking for a good RP. Maybe I'm just here to burn time. Don't know, don't really give a ********. Take your chances.

The 'MechWarrior RPC

Universe Battletech/Mechwarrior

Full Name
Thomas James O'Conner

Senator James Michael O'Conner

Captain Theresa May Lynn

Date Of Birth
23 February, 3053

Marik Commonwealth



Thomas is a second year student currently enrolled in the Allison Mechwarrior Institute, and is aiming to take command of his own Battlemech' within the Marik Militia, of which his mother currently serves in commanding her own company.

Thomas' family hails from a background of military and political tradition of duty and honor, which dates back to the very founding of the Free Worlds League itself. Among their constituents, they are considered "conservative", vying more towards the "right wing" of politics over more "liberal" or "left wing" policies. Needless to say their ideology has netted them enemies in their dealings in both political and military spheres.

Thomas himself has shown an aptitude for piloting medium and medium heavy 'mechs. He has been known in his free time from training to raid the simulator rooms and practice piloting a Bushwacker, a multi-purpose command line medium 'mech. While it oft' shows his proficiency, it also often nets him into trouble with his instructors and their commanding officers.


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