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Hello! I'm Splinters,

I'm just your typical Gaian. I joined back in 2011 after going to Anime Expo and got a neat card for the site in my swag bag. I love using this site to make friends and converse with other people about Anime and whatever crazy things there are to speak of. I actually met my best friend on this site!! I hope we can become friends and have some wonderful memories together in the process!! smilies/icon_heart.gif

I love Kill la Kill, The devil is a part timer, Attack on Titan, Trigun, Digimon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Black Butler, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Persona 4 the animation, Naruto (before it got god mod), Death note, Spice and Wolf, Toradora, Deadman wonderland, and Madoka Magica.
My 3DS friend code is: 5429-8764-0031 Name: Splinters

Favorite song at the moment.