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Vague Void Report | 07/29/2014 6:05 pm
Vague Void
Notched Report | 07/27/2014 6:53 pm
The actor?
No, but I did see a ton of cosplayers.
-x-JerryMac-x- Report | 07/27/2014 2:30 pm
hows it going over there? i saw your name i had to wave at you 4laugh
Notched Report | 07/27/2014 12:02 pm
Nope, would be nice if I did though. sweatdrop

Last day of SDCC, I seem to be going later and later...
-x-JerryMac-x- Report | 07/26/2014 8:09 pm
hello there random stalker 4laugh nice of you to hop around my profile 3nodding hope you have a nice day mrgreen
Notched Report | 07/26/2014 7:56 pm
I didn't really stick around much today.
I also don't really go to panels anymore, to hard to get into them.

Spend most of my time on the sales floor.
Sorry. sweatdrop
Notched Report | 07/26/2014 7:23 pm
I have all three.

I'm having lotsa fun, but so tired.
Those crowds can really get to you.

Bought some pretty cool things though.
Notched Report | 07/23/2014 11:06 am
Glad you're doing better. : ]

I'm going to SDCC!!!
Called my Aunt on Monday to double check and so glad I did.

Do you have a twitter or an instagram?
I definitely plan on posting picts on em. xD
Lightning Fieron Report | 07/21/2014 3:32 pm
Lightning Fieron
You know until today I have actually never looked at your profile. I must say I like it.
Notched Report | 07/21/2014 5:33 am
Awesome! Leeloo from the 5th Element. xd

Aww, I'm sorry this week has been shitty.
You doing better?

Yup, she's one big ball of fur.
Just found out she's a maine coon too. sweatdrop

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