My name is Shelby, and I am female. You can call me Skittles or whatever you'd like, and my birthday is December 5th
Also, I know my wishlist is about to explode, it's not my fault @n@
screw dream avis i change too much
gifting is disabled for anons, still have to gift myself stuff from my mules

Art by super talented people <3

by: KittenCutie1 (2014)

by: I A m u I (2014)

by: Shizuka Mizuki (2012)

by: Sentry Buster (2012)

by: Kirbince (2014)

by: StrawberryDino (2014)

by: Paranormal Teddy (2014)

by: Oshiri-chan (2014)

by: CyanideSquid (2014)
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by: Blood-Tipped Thorn
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By: Surnrner (2014)
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By: So Dapper (2014)

By: Lishi-chan (2014)
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By: Moogle in Serendipity (2014)
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By: Senpai on the Sheets (2014)
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By: Yoshiwong

Nightcore Human

Skittles Untouched
Salty Riceball
Corrupted Gender
Delicate Artifact

Salty Riceball
Mule #1

Mule #2
Corrupted Gender

Mule #3
Delicate Artifact

thank you to private no-pants
for getting me the gaia
7th anniversary slippers
and decadent frosting

Thank you to Chiruro for
donating 1million.
Thank you to iiPocky-Hime
for 512,048!

Thank you anons!
Gifts from anons:
White Swan
Decora Aura
Sleepy Village
Black Magus
Loving Manner
21 Shades
Bani Clips
Aria Dannata 8th Gen.
Krumbly Kreem Pink Donut
Koji The Red Fox
Celestial Emissary
Mythril Coin (250,000,000)
Mellifluous Cantata
Night's Shadow
Pink Link (5000g)
Princess of The World
Sweetheart Admirer
Vocaroo and Fairy Iridessa
Brand Of Bremen
Mythril Coin (100,000,000)
Waffle Cone Party Dress
Peisinoe's Discant
Pongo the Ferret
[Animal] Golden Glow
Midnight Crimson Shoes
Lavish Lucie
Long Blox
SDPlus #464 Lucia
Mythril Coin (250,000,000)
Were Tail
Nitemare Headband
V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Parasol
Lavender Grunny
Charming Majokko Dorobo
Gift Box
Future Investigation
Grunny Wall Tile
High Bounty Rookie (The Sneaky Anon)
Akihari Somebody
Sweet Espresso Cupcake
Kitten Crescent Moon
Sweet Strawberry Cupcake
Rose Legend

Thank you Jen Til for
Pistolera Revenge!

Thank you O D D I T I 3 S
for 5million! You're the greatest!

Thank you Albruna for
Celestial Emissary!

Thank you,
Dullahan's Edge

Thank you Skm Imperatoriene
for Jada The Unicorn
Rusalki Maiden! <3

Thank you
who donated

thank you to
for multiple
items such as
Marshal Companion
and Spirited 2k__ items!

Thank you,
for Soft Lil Leoli!

Thank you
xx I met my fate xx
for so many things such as
the Astra Light Brown Wolf Tail,
and 2,000,000 gold!

Thank you,
for Winter Rose!

Thank you,
Blemished Figurine
for Heart Vs. Mind!

thank you so much
sunsona for
100 whopping million!!

thank you,
i know nothing.
for 2 million <3

Thank you,
for The Loony Hatter
and The SD Nicolae doll

Thank you VVatamote
for a whole lot
of expensive doubles!

Thank you Squirrelette
for Icy Marionette

Thank you Shinryuu Sana
for a bunch of items
that you didn't want
anymore c:

Thank you,
for Scenic
Tea Party!

Thank you, Jigsaw Chan
for so many items
such as:
Canadian Bacon
Heaven's Bride

Thank you,
for Operatic
Cantata c:

Thank you CB Zombie
for Astra wings c:

Thank you
for a
lot of nice items c:

Thank you,
Sam I of England
for Jupiter's Lace

Thank you,
Mizuki Wakahisa
for aquarium items c:

Thank you
for Hanakage's Dance

Thank you, Pear-kii,
for Empress Cotton~

Thank you,
Ten Gallon Horny Bug
for the Cherubic
Queen of Solair!

Thank you,
for a light green grunny.

Thank you,
Miss Tahliah
for Sugar Cookie Delight

Thank you havenxcoolx
for Neapolitan Pandalita!

Fruit Topping,
I got your
Princess of The Universe
and Antique Shop
from Dumpster Dive!

Thank you
The Doskito
for Baldud's Fall,
Rosamund's Yearning,
and a lot of
other things. c:

Thank you,
for Doe-Eyed Darling

Thank you,
The South Butt/Ravagraid
for Lovely Lucie
and Bom Bom the Bunny

Thank you
to Pandelic DJ
for a whole lot
of stuff <3

Thank you,
for Astra: Roze Breeze
and Brave Bonnie

Thank you,
Akashic Storm
for your junk <3

Thank you,
Little Jinxx
for Aye Aye Bonnie c:

Thank you, mistumae
for 25million and

Thank you,
Ur A Wizard Lexi
for 5million and
an item or two.

Thank you, fluerrr
for some stuff and
a good stream c:

Thank you DustinClee
for stuff such as:
Golden Grunny,
Vienna Roast Coffee

Thank you,
Smoke Cloud
for 1 billion!

Thank you, Soung
for Little Lucie!

Thank you,
for Broadway Bounce

Thank you,
Unlucky Dan
for Golden Honey Pot

Thank you,
for Graceful Lunarian!

Thank you, Nancles,
for Spunky Mechanic's
Light Ponytail!

Thank you, Maveran
for 1billion!

Thank you,
Eccentric Berber
for Ace Bass c:

Thank you,
for D├ębutant's Wings

Thank you, NamesAllison
for Dark Edgar Hair!

Thank you
`I c e y
for Cool Adrian Hair

Thank you,
Young Elephant
for Shell Collection c:

Thank you,
for Astra: Rainbow Radiance

Thank you,
for 100 million!

Thank you, Owl Hug
SDPlus #362 Fallen Star

Thank you
Sensei Senpai
for Cool Edgar Hair!

Thank you
for some junk smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

Thank you,
Sincerely Freak
for some "junk"
and 10mill!

Thank you,
for Majenta Blinking
Purity Eyes and
Princess Harmony

Thank you,
Dr Bean Cat
for Sugar Cookie Delight!
You're awesome.

Thank you father toker for 5million!

Thank you
How Can She Slap Me
for showing me your duck smilies/icon_wink.gif

Thanks XxKaWaiiStarxX
for Gelato Supremo
and Astra: Blue Sparkle

Thank you,
This Is Thalia
for Astra: Wings of The Cosmos
and Astra: Floating Lanterns

Thank you
De First King for
Whispering Wisteria,
Lulling Lucie,
and Princess of the Universe
Also a set of red items which
included 6x Counterfeit Masters
and other things

Thank you,
Banana Maid
for a lot of expensive green items!

Heroes of Thedas,
thanks to you,
I have so much Tanuki
and festive stuff, omg.

Thank you,
Kay Neine
for Minerva's Lace

Thank you,
for Breezy Hyacinth,
Crater Feel,
and Verden Frakasi

Thank you,
for Duke
and a project shopkeeper.

Thank you,
for Mystix Dance~

Thank you,
crushed twinkie
for Maiden Hanabi!

Thank you,
VirtuesRaven for
Spiderwick Field Guide
and Skittles Crazy Core Body Tattoo

Thank you,
Artiferri for,
Maquillage and Shironuri Bloom

Forgot to mention
anyone I thank in person
I don't thank here.