My name is Shelby, and I am female. You can call me Skittles or whatever you'd like.
I don't have any close friends on gaia, but if you want to talk, I wouldn't mind.
You probably can't find me often anymore because homework and school is killing me but I'll be on occasionally smilies/icon_gonk.gif
Goal one has been met. The next avatar to achieve is this!
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Mellifluous Cantata (Hair)
Human F Potion
Oisin\'s Blessing (Dark Eyes)
Keiko\'s Cake (Shortcake Skirt (Above Shirts))
Peachy Scarf
Soft Lil Leoli (Blouse)
High Blush
Sweet Kreme Cake (Oven Mitts)
Stellar Dreams (Shoes)
Strawberry Shortcake Queen of Cups
SDPlus #187 Jenny (Blush)
Starry Little Clown (Stars)
Cherry Blossom (Petal Shower)


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emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif Donations are appreciated, but not required. emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif
3DS Friend Code: 3539 8784 6449
Thank you to all of those dear anons! You have given me so much. smilies/icon_heart.gif

I Must Be Dreaming


What I'm Wearing

Skittles Untouched
Salty Riceball
Corrupted Gender
Delicate Artifact

Salty Riceball
Mule #1

Mule #2
Corrupted Gender

Mule #3
Delicate Artifact

thank you to private no-pants
for getting me the gaia
7th anniversary slippers
that were on my wishlist.
thank you also for getting
me decadent frosting, you're the best!

Thank you to Chiruro for
donating 1million.
Thank you to iiPocky-Hime
for 512,048!

Thank you anons!
Gifts from anons:
White Swan
Decora Aura
Sleepy Village
Black Magus
Loving Manner
21 Shades
Bani Clips
Aria Dannata 8th Gen.
Krumbly Kreem Pink Donut
Koji The Red Fox
Celestial Emissary (Now I have two!)
Mythril Coin (250,000,000)

Thank you Jen Til for
Pistolera Revenge!

Thank you O D D I T I 3 S
for 5million! You're the greatest!

Thank you Albruna for
Celestial Emissary!

Thank you,
Dullahan's Edge smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

Thank you Skm Imperatoriene
for Jada The Unicorn
Rusalki Maiden! <3

Thank you
who donated

thank you to
for multiple
items such as
Marshal Companion
and Spirited 2k__ items!

Thank you,
for Soft Lil Leoli!

Thank you
xx I met my fate xx
for so many things such as
the Astra Light Brown Wolf Tail,
and 2,000,000 gold!

Thank you,
for Winter Rose!

Thank you,
Blemished Figurine
for Heart Vs. Mind!