Name - Levi
Kanji - リヴァイ
Gender -Male
Birthday -December 25th
Height - WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME. (three centimeters shorter than Armin)
Weight - 65 kg
Affiliation- Scouting Legion Scouting Legion
Grad Rank - Unknown
Species -Human
Status - Alive

That basically describes who I am, but not most. Extra information is down here.

How old am i? A lot of others ask. But all you need to know is THAT I WILL NOT TELL ANYONE. ANYONE.
Another thing, approach me with respect. The corporal doesn't like to be mistreated by another under-grade.. Whatever, so on so on.
I like cleaning-No,...I love cleaning. Nobody can clean as good as me, but either way, it gets me occupied..So clean your rooms up every night or i will come..