Birthday: 11/10


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Hello c:

About Sapphire:

Baby, E.L.F, SHAWOL, V.I.P, B2UTY, BBC, Boice, Exotic, Appler, A+, CHAMP'EST, Angel, Kissme, J+, Taemint, MVP, Petal/Undead, Cloud, Honey, Kiseopian, Dongholic, Zicova, Kitten, Dimple, Lovely Gaze, Dragon & a Charmer.
Hey. I'm pretty much useless when it comes to writing about myself.
My name is Sapphire and I'm 17. I'm female, in case that wasn't established. I have been born and raised in England though I plan to travel. I like to think of myself as artistic, not very good... but artistic, I like to sing, act, draw and write. I adore Kpop and Jpop and all sorts of music. I have three piercings. Planning more. Planning tattoos. I'm actually quite insecure about myself and I've got very low confidence and I get paranoid a lot. Great catch right?
Yeah. I'm a pretty nice person though, I'm a romantic and stuff. I'm a student, going into college for performing arts and music which I plan on making into a career. I like gaming sometimes.