listen to this


if someone wants you away.
do you stay?
do you leave?
you do both.
leave but...
leave your self behind with them'

im gone...
its black....its dark...
what is this....
is it death...
is it fate....
is it life....
its me....
its all me for what has happened to me
i forgot my past and now i feel....nothing...i care for one person....only one..

Death is so permanent
for those who haven’t tried it

Death is too tragic
when destiny shows up early

Death is anything
and everything
like those enjoying wine

Death is a white sky
at night and everything is great
for those who want to imagine

Death is playing banjo
songs without time

Death is a monster movie come alive
for those that have not died

Death has no direction

Death dies out another cigarette

Death is always on vacation

Death rolls the dice
behind whispers of prayers

Death is slow motion

Death is better than sex

Death is good as long as it is somebody else

Death is a sweet symphony
when it ‘s right

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