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"The dream items."

"Blasting off again."

"I can almost hear you scream"

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Chodal Report | 01/10/2017 10:31 pm
It's so cute, cats are magnificent little things emotion_kirakira
Chodal Report | 01/10/2017 9:16 pm
No problem!
The cat gif was 10/10
Sir Dark Hat Report | 01/08/2017 10:58 am
Sir Dark Hat
I was really hating the human race on overnights and while I was a cashier, but now that I'm 4am-1pm I don't interact with people near as often. lol
Which is great because my interaction skills have taken a steep dive overall. lol I am nowhere near a patient person irl. rofl
Sir Dark Hat Report | 01/07/2017 10:55 am
Sir Dark Hat
<3333 Valid loophole. ;D

We just have regular driving or state of emergency. There is no in-between. lol
However even if there's not a state of emergency, if enough people call off due to weather, then it doesn't count against us. It really just depends.
Sir Dark Hat Report | 01/06/2017 7:34 am
Sir Dark Hat
I just realized I never responded, omg that was rude. gonk

Snowstorm is like the only time we're not expected to be at work. lol But that's only if we're in a declared state of emergency.
Max Level 0 Report | 01/03/2017 4:25 pm
Max Level 0
Slick Southpaw Report | 01/01/2017 11:49 am
Slick Southpaw
ooohhh awesome, thanks for answering!
Slick Southpaw Report | 01/01/2017 11:32 am
Slick Southpaw
Love the background you're using currently. What is it called, if I may be so bold to ask?
JayLightning Report | 12/30/2016 8:24 pm
Hello, Old Friend from ages past! 8D
Sir Dark Hat Report | 12/29/2016 7:36 pm
Sir Dark Hat
lolnah. they're just a bunch of idiots who don't even accept doctor's notes.
you could be in the hospital and it'll still count against you. lol

= u = <333

"I'll never be bonely"

"As long as you're with me."
Made by: Chibi Hermes

"Being next to you..."

"Fills me with determination." smilies/icon_heart.gif
Drawn by: Lucius Lien


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Drawn by: Pixelated Realism

"Let me surround you."

"My sea to your shore."
Drawn by: _SoyoKaze-san_



"Don't underestimate me."

"Sleepy Sans."

Drawn by: Kyokotsu

"Favorite Movies"

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The Lion King | The Crow | Edward Scissorhands | The Nightmare Before Christmas | Nightmare On Elm Street Series | Friday The 13th Series | Halloween Series | Watchmen | Liar Liar | Thief And The Cobbler | Lord Of The Rings Trilogy | Hobit Series | Tommy Boy | Black Sheep | Jumanji | Patch Adams | Bruce Almighty | Ace Ventura Movies | Dumb And Dumber

"Fairy Free"

Drawn by: Hickory Rabbit

"Favorite Video Games"

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Silent Hill Series | Pokemon Series | Super Smash Bros. | Spyro | Tomba | Sonic the Hedgehog Series | Super Mario Bros. Series | Legend Of Zelda Series | Undertale | Slime Rancher | Mortal Kombat Series | Left4Dead Series |

"Have mercy."

Drawn by: Kantaroufan

"Favorite Music"

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A Perfect Circle | Tool | Gorillaz | Disturbed | Chevelle | Soundgarden | Audioslave | Fuel | Sevendust | Bring Me The Horizon | Seether | Halestorm | Theory Of A Deadman | Volbeat | Like A Storm | Nothing More | Breaking Point | Bush | 10 Years | Three Days Grace | Breaking Benjamin | 3 Doors Down | We As Human | Nirvana | The Offspring | Nujabes | Trapt | Cibo Matto | Shinedown | Sarah McLachlan | Within Temptation | Phil Collins | Sting | Dave Matthews Band


"Ready to battle?"

"So sleepy."

"Leave me be."
Drawn by: Xyana

"Ton of fun."

"A skele-ton."
Drawn by: Xyana


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"Favorite TV Shows"

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Stranger Things | Gotham | Once Upon A Time | iZombie | Rick And Morty | Steven Universe | Adventure Time | Bob's Burgers | Flash | Legends Of Tomorrow | Agents Of SHIELD | Freakazoid! | Rocko's Modern Life | Ed, Edd, N Eddy | Monk | Ghost Hunters | Ghost Adventures | Good Eats | Iron Chef | Ah! Real Monsters | Doctor Who | Sherlock | Scrubs

"I hope you'll stay forever."

Drawn by: Xyana

"Thanks for visiting!"

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