Leaving Gaia

I'm all about the tricks life now. I no longer want Gaia in my life, so I locked away most of my prized possessions on an account that I will likely forget about.

If you'd like to see what my passion in life is, click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ENS4djbITotPo6Td_7AJg/videos

Yes, that is me. Follow or not, it's cool by me. I try my hardest to spread the tricking community. It is much more lively and positive compared to what the community of Gaia became. If you'd like to learn more about what tricking is, or if you'd like to talk about tricking/tumbling/gymnastics, you can contact me through Gaia. I don't plan on logging in that often, probably about once per week, so expect delays.
Oh, I forgot to mention I'm in university now. I actually have responsibilities other than sitting on my a** on this site all day. High school was a joke.
Anyway, I don't have much else left to say.

To the few good friends that I have on this site, it was nice knowing you all. My years on Gaia were overall fun. Thank you for that.

Hella Drake
Skagz the Almighty