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yo. I'm sana/sultana/lily/siyaahi/etc. wtfever the amount of nicknames i have is ridic. call me what you want

Uhh I like anime/writing/drawing/gaming. I also code // rp a lot. feel free to advertise your rps and stuff

I'm a pretty chill person I guess yup
I don't accept random friend requests tho sorry sorry


frozenblossoms -> out of lead -> Siyaahi


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a bunch of bullshit written by a bullshit teenager with a bullshit hobby. tho it's not like I update that often


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The Little Loon Report | 01/09/2015 9:42 pm
The Little Loon
Giftie for before and a giftie for after, since I missed the actual well as xmas.
Hope rests assuming you were a good kid and waited to open the first gift, Binky?

Anyways, hope you enjoy them, as well as hope that you had a fun celebration. emotion_c8

The Little Loon Report | 12/28/2014 8:53 pm
The Little Loon
Pale Marionette Restrung went up while I was away in the RL world. neutral
Choose another giftie? Same parameters, since the Gaia clientele is awful, really. XD
Besides your birthday is quickly approaching bratlina--your sweet sixteenth, which makes the -lina actually proper.
In short, I can grab you something. emotion_yatta
Wind of Knowledge Report | 12/25/2014 4:03 pm
Wind of Knowledge
thanks for the shoes lily <3 merry christmas!!
The Little Loon Report | 12/10/2014 11:23 am
The Little Loon
Should probably sell all my items...but the hoarding instinct is too strong. Haaa...

As an Asian baby with a head as perfectly round as melon, she was. Now... question
Fortunately, I exist to be an older sibling.
And regardless, my brats are mine...the whole lot of them...the 2 furry ones included. You've seen my pups?

S'alright. No pressure watching it you're a busy little l'élève after all. Don't get swallowed by your hw at any rate. Nothing wrong with a late assignment here or there, since tests matter more...unless you count projects as homework...those are just a pain, in general.
Show's probably too kiddy for a bratlina's taste anyways. ;p It's based off a tactics-based mmorpg I used to play...and will probably return to after this death of zomg.

And guys have to share with the middle school? You're probably beyond crammed in that sardine can...Does the aisle even exist on that thing anymore and have you guys had to resort to sitting on laps yet? Sucks about the driver though. Is she slow too? That would be especially bad if you were the last stop.

As I tell the offline bratlina: "You're worst case scenario would be to become like me." rofl
You've the right idea though. Getting into a sport makes more sense than just working on exercise sets. Fun makes everything more doable, and eliminates your 'suffering'.
As for the very real pain, just remember: pain is just an illusion...that really, really hurts.
In regards to the karate place, if that's honestly what you've been hearing, you should be wary of that martial arts class and save your money. At most try out a free trial class, if they offer one. I'll admit that finding solid martial arts instruction is hard.

Ever considered rock-climbing? Thought about getting into that it, since it's a nice solitary sport that's simple enough to be affordable and trains you pretty well. You can also pretend that you're spiderman. If you do it and stick with it, we could go scaling mountains together to time in the far off future. emotion_kirakira

Genetics plague everyone equally...unless your parents were genetically perfect from the get those few, I'll save my profanitieswords. emotion_yatta
The four of us in our house are potentially destined for either cardiovascular or diabetic issues regardless of fitness. Lovely, isn't it? Especially for the two of us given the weak set of lungs at birth. >o>
Nothing to do about it but keep running and prevent holiday fluff from gathering.

Do tell me what you honestly think about the wip, yeah?
The Little Loon Report | 12/06/2014 5:38 pm
The Little Loon
She's cute. Like Chun Li. wink
There isn't really a contest with Ji, since she owns practically every EI on Gaia by the looks of it. @.@

Pixels or drawing? I've a tablet now, though tbh I'm still at a lost on how it works; not as natural in my hand as I thought it'd be. Hey though! Whenever you do start with pixel art, tell me, so I can link you to some tutorials. As for winter break, you should spend it watching this. Honestly, love this series.

High school is busy for the good student. Same for my midget. Just so busy, but then again she isn't a slacker like I was, so she actually does the homework. Fortunately for me, most teachers back in my day gave only credit for tests (BLESSED AP CLASSES AND KNOWLEDGE), not homework(DAMN TIME MANAGEMENT). Fortunately for her, she has my brain and some of Lizzy's work ethic. So school-wise she's fine and comfortably in the 1%. Driving-wise...not bad but not as adept as you are. Then again, she doesn't have the need for it as much as you do; I take her to school every morning and home every Friday afternoon, while my parents usually take her home the rest of the week. But yeah, buses sucked. And the bus situation for her school at the moment is especially bad looking at the pictures she took during the few times she rode it.

Skydiving was suppose to be regular, yeah; when I do things, I do them earnestly, since I don't believe in that bucket list fad. Unfortunately after my fourth jump, a really bad skydiving accident showed up in the news and freaked the babybrat, at her request, I ended up stopping. AND I KNOW MY POCKETBOOK WILL BE CRYING BY THE END OF THE MONTH. You kids are very specific about your items. WHY MUST EVERYTHING YOU WANT BE THE MOST OF EXPENSIVE BRAND/MODEL OF THE ITEM Knew you wouldn't know R2D2...YOU'RE TOO YOUNG. rofl

I like exercise now but at your age, I didn't care for it. So I don't know what to tell you to get into it. I use to lie about having too much homework to get out of Kung Fu and stay at home and nap... Now, I do it because it relaxes me. Running burns up some pent up energy; same thing with lifting. All of it just helps me breathe a little bit better. Seeing faster times and getting good enough for the heavier weights, just makes everything feel better in general. So I guess it's an outlet/meditation/it-just-makes-me-happy kind of it'd be really cool if I could build up the strength, speed and endurance to do free running/parkour/tricking/or just this.

The sickly/illness thing is strongly tied in with genetics. Babybrat does Kung Fu and still has issues; I do all I do and still have issues. With any luck you'll grow out of it more than less...not completely, by any means. Get lots of fresh air and movement and avoid the sniffling and leaky folk like the plague. If I learned anything from school, it's Clorox everything. Except gardens...your poor plants. At least you all are sane enough not to drag them indoors. So many trees. Lol. ;o;

No need to repay the favour; gifting is for fun, not obligation. Besides, you're the babyyounger one, Binky. *headpats the binkybaby that need to go to bed*
The Little Loon Report | 12/06/2014 3:31 pm
The Little Loon
Ha...forgot about that. Don't use this account for communication/building a social base much. Just to make my failed female outfits. lol
Not as good with avis as you and Jibbly are, bratlina.

Really? If you really want me to I will. Though when you'll be receiving the finish product...the answer to that is unknown. Still need to deliver on the contest prize from August...
Plus to that is that I actually finished 2 pixels for that yesterday--all that's left is to tidy them up and fix some lighting/shading issues.

Pixels can take some time for me, since I don't play with bases. Free-hand and volume massing. For time, everything depends on my mood. If I've a clear and crisp bright light moment and run with it--I take no time at all. On the other hand, if it's something I spend too much time overthinking, rehashing, being lazy...yeah...owed for the contest since August...

I guess fine details and clean-up/finishing up for me takes a good while. Longest part of the process for me being as I post these on my DA...there's a certain amount of expectation awaiting me from my fellow pixel buddies. You've made anything yourself yet? I do remember linking you to GraphicsGale.

Still running and lifting, yes. Free yoga/barre classes every Sundays. No more skydiving though, which is depressing, but I'll live. Also still no handstand...and I've only 25 more days til the new year.

Currently trying to con a group of friends into doing a Half-Marathon with me in April. So far, it feels like I am succeeding; just need them to make the $80 registration on the site. Working out does exist as the better part of my life that and my offline bratlina, who I'm probably going to lose a pretty penny to this holiday. Lol. If anything, I'm glad I've finished up most of my offline gifts. Check this one out, though I'm not sure you're completely knowledgeable about Star Wars

So nah, 60 bil is alright for the online bratlina; I need the pixel practice at any rate. Funny how commissions force you to work on a deadline. On that note, how's driving going? Your birthday is coming up next month meaning license time is near. Excited? Also how is life in general for you? Your little garden still thriving in these winter months?

The Little Loon Report | 12/06/2014 11:13 am
The Little Loon
Isn't Binky all cute and burly?

I'd ask to draw but I expecting a call to go on a run soon. That and--from past experience--the chances of you reading this message on time is moderately low. Lol.
Anyways, what pixelated item do you want this Xmas? I'll get you anything with 60bil being the cap, since I know if I re-open shop I can at least manage 3 pixels. Any more than that and...@.@

Captcha: full of stars.
snoopbong Report | 11/23/2014 3:16 pm
Thanks for buying at my shop :3 heart redface
Spider London Report | 10/25/2014 3:27 pm
Spider London
Thanks. I need it x.x
Spider London Report | 10/24/2014 6:03 pm
Spider London
Same here.

Nah, I'm a senior right now.

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