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Lake HyIia Report | 05/19/2017 12:22 am
Lake HyIia
here is to hoping man
Lake HyIia Report | 05/19/2017 12:19 am
Lake HyIia
yeah with any luck maybe he can somewhat help inflation and atleast breathe some more life back into the site.
don't think he can ever fully fix the problem but atleast can make a good effort
Lake HyIia Report | 05/19/2017 12:16 am
Lake HyIia
also fun fact idk if u know but lanzer is back to running gaia now
right now inflation is kind of worse than it was bcs the old gaia team had massive gaia cash sales so lots of ppl bought gaia cash but lanzer stopped the mass sales and now less ppl are buying it so higher prices r i p
the team is apparently working on a new form of currency to help with the inflation
Lake HyIia Report | 05/19/2017 12:01 am
Lake HyIia
proud of u :^ ))) top hoarder
Lake HyIia Report | 05/18/2017 11:58 pm
Lake HyIia
yeah u got all those normans trapped in the basement
Lake HyIia Report | 05/18/2017 11:50 pm
Lake HyIia
yeah ur huge hoard of them i still remember lmao
Lake HyIia Report | 05/18/2017 11:46 pm
Lake HyIia
streamers don't seem to be on gaia much anymore r i p those days
i remember u couldn't go a day without seeing a stream lmao goes to show how many ppl have quit over the years
Lake HyIia Report | 05/18/2017 11:43 pm
Lake HyIia
Yeah, I do the same thing if I am in a not so great mood I tend to go on gifting sprees
atleast makes me feel a bit better
maybe that is why i like to stick around here after a hard day it does make me feel better
Lake HyIia Report | 05/18/2017 11:40 pm
Lake HyIia
oh stop it u :^ ))))
Lake HyIia Report | 05/18/2017 11:38 pm
Lake HyIia
don't sweat it man sure u will do fine
once u get the hang of it really is just like clockwork tho the lack of sleep does suck lol
and ye lots of ppl disappeared but hopefully there are others around still u might find


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