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==> Be the hero of another story.

You are now the hero of another story.

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Your name is ????? ????, but since you are obviously an important individual with a will to distinguish yourself from the hopeless masses, you prefer to go by a serial number. That number happens to be SIX.

You are the KING OF GADFLIES... or, at least, you wish you were. Actually, you are just an acutely unstable teenager with NOTHING BETTER TO DO in your free time. You possess varying degrees of talent, but it is almost guaranteed that you will OBSESS OVER STUFF that you suck at and BRUSH ASIDE THINGS you can actually do well. Some of those things that you can actually do well include MAKING SHITTY GAMES and GODLY PROCRASTINATION. You wish you were better at computers like your TIGHT-LIPPED SISTER, and you constantly lament over your ignorance in stuff like robotics, which you think is PRETTY AWESOME. You maintain a love/hate relationship with VIRUSES and naturally OBSESS ABOUT KILLING ALL OF THEM. Actually, your entire existence is pretty much defined by obsession and apathy - which probably explains the aforementioned instability.

You are clearly a HOMESTUCK, but you are also a proud HETATARD and BRONY. You like making BAD PUNS and can KILL AN IDEA EXPLAINING IT. You are an IDEALIST AT HEART, a CYNIC ON WORSE DAYS, and a REALIST IN ANOTHER DIMENSION, possibly. Maybe. You'll learn someday.

What will you do?


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BiancaorKyle Report | 05/25/2015 7:25 am
Avril Dizzy Ocho Report | 06/29/2014 12:32 am
Avril Dizzy Ocho
I Nyotalia China I Report | 05/28/2014 8:28 pm
I Nyotalia China I
Hello my friend! how have you been?
A Wild Dazzalar Report | 03/26/2014 9:46 pm
A Wild Dazzalar
emotion_facepalm /late response is late OTL
My birthday was good though! I went to Dave and Busters with a couple of friends and played around like a not 20 year old emotion_kirakira
It was the last day of my spring break though which was a downer, but otherwise good!
A Wild Dazzalar Report | 03/23/2014 7:03 pm
A Wild Dazzalar
Thank youuu Six! emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira
alltaf Report | 03/09/2014 1:40 pm
random comment to say your signature cracked me up emotion_brofist
mangabubbletea Report | 03/08/2014 2:04 pm
Ive been spending all day on art forums ._. I have no idea why.
mangabubbletea Report | 03/08/2014 12:58 pm
Hai saiiiiii I need to work on your painting actually
A Wild Dazzalar Report | 03/03/2014 6:30 pm
A Wild Dazzalar
I know how you feel, but for me it seems to be doing more harm than good emotion_facepalm
though I honestly hoped for a snow day today, I just don't want school man

Big storm promised, nothing given emotion_donotwant
A Wild Dazzalar Report | 02/27/2014 6:21 pm
A Wild Dazzalar
I couldn't help it emotion_awesome The animal self's made me say it! Perfect timing 100%
/good puns once in a while

Ohhhh, midterm exams already for you? That's definitely a busy time, keep pushing on through though you got this! emotion_kirakira I haven't gotten to midterms yet, that's iiin 2 weeks-ish, but school's made me rather busy also with all it's papers and labs and please stop shoving chemical equations at me OTL
But also otherwise good! emotion_kirakira Hating all the snow though