Birthname: Syxte Mekhane

Aliases: He’s so use to people mispronouncing his name as ‘Six’ he’s taken it on as a nickname.

Lifeform Classification: Hybrid

Species: Was originally Human and still presents himself as one, despite having grown horns and a tail.

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Height: 6'6, not including horns

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral -- He swears he’s a nice guy, he just makes bad decisions. Frequently.

Occupation: Freelance security guard. Works multiple shifts at different locations. Occasionally does private security detail, escorts and bodyguard work.

Notable Powers/Skills:
+ Advanced healing ability
+ Heightened strength, agility, and stamina
+ Heightened senses
+ Skillful with knives
+ Minor firearms training
+ Minor Dream-walking and manipulation
+ Minor Paranormal abilities
+ Minor Divinity knowledge and spell-casting
+ Irresistible charm

Likes: Girls; sweet things; ramen noodles; practicing parkour; fashion; playing darts; video games; cute things; reading comics

Dislikes: School; when girls don't remember him; losing; getting called a demon; getting into fights; his more demonic affects; spiders

+ Syxte has an overly-sensitive sense of smell, touch, taste, etc. For awhile he walked around with a mask because the air and light bothered him so much. He’s gotten slightly more use to it, but he still maintains a perpetually flushed look and has bad allergies. He does well to keep the rest of his body covered.

+ He can heal cuts and bruises in a few hours, broken bones and internal damage in a few days. So far the only extremities that seem to grow back are his horns, tail and wings, but he isn't sure if he can regrow his other limbs. He is reluctant to test it. Due to an unfortunate incident with a werewolf, he discovered that he can, in fact, grow back other body parts. They take about a week to come back to their previous condition, much longer than his demonic affects. It isn't a pleasant experience and Six takes great care not to make it a frequent affair.

+ Syxte use to visit priests in order to get a seal placed on himself to suppress his demon half. It made going through his daily routines easier, but the seal was still largely dependent on his willpower. Lately he has stopped because it had gotten too expensive to get seals as they were breaking too often.

+ Syxte use to attend divinity college. He made it to his 3rd year before being permanently banned from all divinity schools. He still retains some knowledge from his schooling but, due to his condition, he can't apply most of it without seriously injuring himself.

+ Although he was never the academic type and did not receive stellar grades, the one thing he seemingly excelled at was summonings and banishments.

+ With minimal upkeep, Syxte's horns stand a full foot high. If he does not shave them down, they would keep growing.

+ Syxte is the second youngest in his family. He has a mother, father, grandparents on both sides, 6 siblings, and larger extended family. The only one who has spoken to him in the past 2 years is his younger sister.

+ Syxte can go for extended periods of time without sleep and not have it adversely affect him (besides boredom and restlessness). His record is 3 months. Eventually he does need to fall asleep, but--for reasons he refuses to elaborate on--he seems to be trying to stay permanently awake.

+ A semi-permanent swarm of edible "hearts" follow him wherever he goes. He doesn't know much about them besides that they increase in numbers the more people that are around and they have the taste and texture much like a gummy candy. He's figured out that they're some sort of aphrodisiac, but he's not quite sure where they come from or why everyone reacts so differently to them...


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