Welcome to my store. I try to have the lowest prices as often as I can! blaugh ,but if my prices are what you would call too high, then please, pm me. 3nodding Thanx for coming!!
*I will accept offers of items or items + gold
*Make sure offers are equal or more in estimated total value than the item in question
*Trades cannot be sent in gift boxes, I'm not stupid.

100k reached (again) June 7, 2007
200k reached July 1, 2007
Scammed by '~Snakerter~' and hotboi4u45 and lost my Angelic Headband crying July 5, 2007
200k reached (again) August 16, 2007
300k reached September 17, 2007 ?
500k reached May 1, 2008
--------------break from Gaia--------------
1M reached March 14, 2010

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