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Sir Kool Bill

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Last Login: 11/28/2014 4:20 pm

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Hey what sup. Your talking to the great Sir Kool Bill. I'm 23 years old and doing things big. I will be changing my profile to make it look better then what it is right now. If you can help find some sites to fix it up. Please don't be scared to tell me or talk to me. My mother mistress pumpkin. She the best mom.
Sister: bloodegirl,
Brother: Tsari
Xbox 360 live - Sir Kool Bill
I love to go out alot, if you want to get in touch with me then hit me up.
My PS3 name: Ikki Kool Moon. Yeaaa.

The way I see it life is not hard. Its the way you make it. I know hard time comes but you can find a way around it if you keep on the same track. I'm a really cool person when you get to know me. I love games and I really love roleplaying. Anime is really fun to me. If you need a friend to help you find a way to becoming a better person you can talk to me. I been knock down so much, I still don't know why I get back up, but it make me happy. I love watching the stars out night it makes me cry. Don't live your life in darkness all day find yourself.
That way you'll be A O K. smilies/icon_xd.gif

my brother his name Sir FNA it on my page and behind him is our lil sister

this is sweat and goodSnow Teammy sons little jojoand The Blood Boss

me and my brother with some friends

Get your mind right i would say it but i don't walk the path he do, but i will kep a real n***a mind and kep calming that wall up to my goal. I know my path is going to end soon but im going to see the people i need to really see and see the people i love like my babygirl forever and ever and kep helping who really nee...ds the help and hope father kep that gate open when i get there and pray for the people i know stay safe and the person i love with all heart and soul stay safe to. Alway stay ture about wat u do when it get real heavy and im alway a phone call away if anyone needs me.smilies/icon_smile.gif

the great show to me in anime is air gear


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BlackRoseBleeding Report | 06/26/2013 11:20 am
Wanna help with sausage fest?
BlackRoseBleeding Report | 06/09/2013 1:13 pm
Cool avie!
OkamiChan0808 Report | 02/16/2013 10:31 pm
you think so do you? well all demons tend to be called tricksters at least once in their long life. But what I just told you was quite true, I have become one of the most powerfull demons in the netherworld, and as such I have gotten bored from it all, so I chose to use my powers to fulfill the wishes of those who seek me out, by doing this I have seen quite a lot of interesting things. In a way you could say I am bored and by making these deals I can be relieved og my boredom, even if only for a short time.
Well then, if you are done here I will bid you farewell young holder of the keyblade, may your new powers serve you well. *vanishes into black smoke and disappears*
OkamiChan0808 Report | 02/16/2013 3:46 pm
the rewards I get from my deals are not material, I am an observing demon, I take joy in watching how peoples lives unfold after I have given them what they wish for, I will not need anything in return from you.
that is how I use my powers, and it is also why I make deals with those who seek things in life that they are told to be impossible to get.
I have given you your wish, now if there is nothing else you wish to ask of me then you may leave.
OkamiChan0808 Report | 02/15/2013 10:35 am
then I will begin *chants a spell* *a demonic circle appears under you* *the circle bursts with a blu light* the chant is complete, you now have the power of the stars, but this power may ony be used at night and it will consume your life force if used repetedly, to stay safe I would advice you to only use it when needed most
OkamiChan0808 Report | 02/15/2013 6:47 am
you can't, it is your choice whether to trust me or not
OkamiChan0808 Report | 02/14/2013 1:15 pm
well then, I shall grant your wish, I bestow upon you the light of the stars to vanquish all your foes and those who might oppose your will
OkamiChan0808 Report | 02/14/2013 9:26 am
you do? well what kind of light do you wish for?
Mistress Pumpkin Report | 02/13/2013 10:42 am
Oh, what kind of roleplays? Anime?
Mistress Pumpkin Report | 02/12/2013 5:26 pm
Thank you, sweetheart. I'm doing well, just trying to stay on top of my studies and things lately. What about you?




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