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Hello こんにちは ` ^ ` /)


Mandi → ♁ → 94/♏ → in love 12/25/14 → 🍁


I thought about you today, but that's nothing new
I thought about you yesterday and the day before that too
for every day, good or bad, you'll always be in my head
I hope you've understood everything I've said
this isn't just a joke or a silly lie
I'd never do anything to make you wanna cry
I'm sorry if I ever do something to make you really mad
it will only come back and make me really sad
I really do love you and everything for you are
I hope this relationship gets really really far
I'll never get you out; I simply don't know how
in fact I'm thinking of you right about now
you're everything I need and everything to me
you always make me smile just by being there
I hope you know how much I really care
every time I think of you my stomach seems to twist
This is why I love you, I've made a huge list
the list goes on forever and never will it end
neither will our relationship; you'll always be my friend
not just a simple friend but a special friend, at that
I want to spend every moment I have, making you happy


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Orgasmic Moan
A Vanilla Gorilla
Wesu Desu
Will The Fapulous
Mistress Of Monsters


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