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I am Sinny, username SinnySpid. Most people call me Sinny, Sin, or Spid.

My hobbies include drawing, designing, and coding, and Gaia allows me to practice all of them!

My art shop is located in the Links section on the right if you're interested. It's not limited to my shop; I participate in contests and auctions on occasion. Feel free to ask if you would like me to join!


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Registered: 01/24/2007

Location: Canada

Birthday: 02/03



Ye Olde Art Shoppe
Currently finishing remaining art orders; also accepting bribes including wishlist items

Codespace, a CSS Shop
A shop dedicated to providing code for designs brought by the customer. Recently opened, so take a look at it if you're interested.

Sinny`s Quest Thread
Goals including obtaining 1,000,000 White Carnations, as well as wishlist items

The Log of Sinny
Tids and bits of my life, ranging from old profiles you're welcomed to use to random thought processes.

Keeping it updated as best as I can.

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