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musiclover9797 Report | 02/21/2014 7:13 pm
Lady Unicorn that is Seraph sorry wasn't specific mrgreen
musiclover9797 Report | 02/21/2014 7:11 pm
Awwww it's ok I appreciate your effort! I'm glad you thought to give me a gift. I will still be happy to accept it. mrgreen heart
Wasteful Thoughts Report | 12/07/2013 4:46 pm
Wasteful Thoughts
Do you have a BandAid? I just scraped my knee falling for you.
Javier Cross Report | 12/06/2013 7:33 pm
Javier Cross
Because we're being stalked, right?
Pegasaurus Rex Report | 12/06/2013 5:16 pm
Pegasaurus Rex
XD Thanks.
Javier Cross Report | 12/04/2013 12:43 pm
Javier Cross
Well that's a relief.
Also, that other place you mentioned at the profile aside, could you send me a list by PMs as to where else you might go so we can stay in contact?
Javier Cross Report | 12/04/2013 11:55 am
Javier Cross
So how have you been, Seraph?
Visual Appearance Report | 11/12/2013 5:15 pm
Visual Appearance
thanks c:
Carnival of Plagues Report | 11/05/2013 2:15 pm
Carnival of Plagues
I hate being alone.... v.v
Carnival of Plagues Report | 11/05/2013 1:26 pm
Carnival of Plagues
No. ):

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