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Despite my shy, and unsocial exterior, I'm a nice person. I'm no saint by any means, but I do know how to treat people the proper way. Treat me with respect, and I'll treat you just the same. Act towards me with hostility and I'll attempt to keep my calm. Please, try and get to know me before you make assumptions about me. I'm overall an easy person to get along with. It takes a bit to get me talking, but it might be worth it in the end. I do enjoy making new friends, it's just hard for me to be the one to start conversations.

I'm a total video game nerd. I'm mostly addicted to playing Pokemon, but I do play a variety of other games. In no way am I a competitive person. I enjoy helping people out whether in a video game, or here on Gaia. If you ever need to talk, or need help with Pokemon just bug me.

I like random PMs. Love avatar art too.

Age: 21
Birthday: December 28
Status: Taken as of 2/17/14
Nickname(s): Sin, Sinny
Current Addiction(s): Pokemon X, Final Fantasy X
Favorite Word: Salacious
Steam: Sinfulcraft
PSN: SinfulPersona
Skype: sinfulpersona
Random Song Quote:
"Be careful with a heart you take
Because it’s a heart that you can break"

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3DS FC: 2079-6707-2872

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