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Not much to put here really. I keep mostly to myself and lurk most of the time. Friend requests are currently off.

PMs are set to Friends Only. Due to a lot of recent stress, I am not really up to answering people's questions. Please post any and all LK related questions in the Lake Kindred Guide Hub.

I'm obsessed with Overwatch and I play it on the PS4. I'm trying to get better with all the characters and spend my time split between Quick Play and Competitive.

One final thing to note. I adore my boyfriend. He has been in my life for several years and I absolutely love and appreciate all he does for me. Honestly, without him, I don't know if I'd be here right now.
If you're looking at this sweetie, I love you. Thank you for loving me and putting up with me.

Birthday: December 28
Status: Taken as of 11/03/2015
by Shibu Mizaku
Nickname(s): Sin, Sinny
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Thank You Sis

Thank you for being the best lil Sis anyone could have. Thank you for always sticking by me on my worst days and for always being there when I cry my eyes out.
You're one of the most important people in my life and I'm so happy that you're still with me. I'll always love you and always be there for you.
So thank you for being you and being amazing. <3

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