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I'm a full-time gaian with nothing else to do. Maybe one day i'll leave this site but for now, I'm going to enjoy what I have. I hope to go to school to become a Counselor (To help people cope with life) or a Cosmetologist (To help make people beautiful). Life isn't so great, but creating fantastic memories makes it worthwhile.

I Vend / Exchange a lot since I can't really socialize. No, I'm not a douche like most Venders / Exchangers can be. In my eyes, the best profit is when both parties profit. So if you see me in the exchange remember, respect is given to those who give it. If you offer me crap and then get all fussy with me, I have every right to put you in your place. (At this point, you asked for it)I am never rude, nor am I disrespectful. I'm fair. This is something all venders/exchangers should follow by.

It amazes me how most forget who have helped them. They suddenly become different and forget about the people who helped them in the past. It's whatever, don't need those people around anyways. S'why I don't donate with the intentions of getting anything back.

Personal life:
I'm a manager at a fast food joint & i'm talking one of the sweetest, loving guys inrl right now. I want to start school soon or get my license, what ever comes first. I want to progress.


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The Absolute End Report | 05/28/2015 9:47 pm
The Absolute End
What are you saving for? :3
The Absolute End Report | 05/28/2015 7:42 pm
The Absolute End
How have you been gurl? emotion_kirakira
The Absolute End Report | 05/28/2015 5:43 pm
The Absolute End
Away at college for a year smile
Was soooooo busy
I srryzz
The Absolute End Report | 05/28/2015 1:18 pm
The Absolute End
Her sight is based on movement
If i dont move
She can't see me
The Absolute End Report | 05/28/2015 12:51 pm
The Absolute End
-lurks from bushes -
Emma Charming Report | 05/16/2015 5:11 pm
Emma Charming
Thanks for buying!
Skeletal Soul Report | 05/12/2015 1:59 pm
Skeletal Soul
Skeletal Soul Report | 05/12/2015 1:11 pm
Skeletal Soul
Libidinous Rex Report | 05/12/2015 12:47 pm
Libidinous Rex
Skeletal Soul Report | 05/12/2015 12:33 pm
Skeletal Soul


if this second was your life,
what would you do?
If this second was your life,
I would love you,
if this second was your life,
would you love me?


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