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Report | 03/08/2010 1:20 pm


happy womens day!!!
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Report | 12/24/2009 4:54 pm


heeeey sunshine!! merry xmas!!!!!!
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Report | 03/13/2009 5:00 pm

Ash Umber 2

Nice pics and I don't think you'll have a problem ever meeting your goal! You don't know me I'm just profile surfing ,looking for interesting things and people.
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Report | 02/04/2008 6:56 pm


Take your pants off.
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Report | 01/28/2008 12:05 pm


yeeep, i read that hope ypur life is relaxed now
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Report | 01/24/2008 11:51 am


seems a girl hates you, dont pay attention i like you a lot!!!
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Report | 01/20/2008 7:10 pm



well, take care and sweetdreams ^^
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Report | 01/20/2008 2:29 pm


YW, and hope ur day was cool ^^
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Report | 01/20/2008 1:31 pm

Kiwi Popsicle IV

sounded like you were complaining.

well i am not, and is their anything that u would like to say that would actually add to this forum's discussion?

are you mad because you can't eat pixie sticks? and i can.

dont be a b***h! and yes i can eat pixie stix, i just have to pump up for them!

awh. did i hurt your feelings? because i can eat them normally.

dont be disrespectful towards diabetics, espcially when u are in a forum hosted by one! we are people too! see!

9that is me on the left!)

=O OH MY GAWD you are a real person.

i would have never guessed.

this is not how u make freinds b***h!!!!
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Report | 01/19/2008 12:48 pm


Im ok what about you stranger?
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Report | 01/18/2008 11:15 pm


well, U looks cool
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Report | 01/18/2008 4:18 pm


Thanks for your purchase! Come again! ^_^
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Report | 01/18/2008 11:31 am


U r the one on those pic's?? Oo

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Report | 01/17/2008 7:32 pm


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Report | 01/17/2008 5:25 pm


You're very welcome! If you ever wanna chat just pm me
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Report | 01/17/2008 5:16 pm


Just here to say that you're really pretty!
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Report | 01/16/2008 7:28 pm


nooo!!!! dentist told me that a tooth does not serve anymore User Image
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Report | 01/16/2008 9:32 am


hi!!! i miss you!! hows everything?
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Report | 01/16/2008 6:27 am



it reminds me of the time john got pulled over

with me & chance & chellie in the car...

because that was the song that was playing when it happened.

he was just speeding lol.

we were going like 80 on a back road

& the cops saw us doing 11 over when we left that road.

we didn't get ticketed since john is so good with words.

he was like "yeah i just fixed up the (blahblah car talk)

& my friends & i were seeing how it was running."

chellie was freaking out because she was on probation

& she was out of state...

but the cop dude was just like mk don't go speeding again, k?

& he's like no problem, officer. have a good night. :]

the end. c:
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Report | 01/14/2008 5:33 am


thanks! i like it, too.
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